Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crash Course on Writing to Your Archdiocese

For a few decades now, faithful Catholics have been reporting scandals to their Bishop. At least we thought that's who we were reporting them to. Come to find out, the Bishop likes to keep himself clueless. He surrounds himself with people who are experts at obfuscation.

Though we know hundreds to thousands of people may be writing the Bishop about a scandal, here's their most famous and tired excuse for not investigating or doing something about a complaint based upon the merits: "You're the only one complaining".

It's not whether their employees and agents are abusive, it's the number of people visible who are raising a ruckus. How much of a PR disaster it is, dictates whether or not they will muster up the energy to send you a patronizing letter from their Microsoft Word template collection.

99% of people will take them on face value. They know how to give you a forum to say whatever you feel needs to be said, knowing the minute you walk out the door with the delusion they are going to do something about it, their work is complete.

This is one of the reasons why Boston Catholics have embarked on:

1. Reporting the scandals publicly.

2. Organizing a communication campaign where they know that we know a large group of people have reported the scandal, put forth factual information to expose their public relations poppycock, ask them to respond to specific questions that we know the answers will make liars out of them, or ask them to take the appropriate action.

Guess what?

Now they're complaining that too many people are contacting them and saying the same thing.

If you want to see a beaut, check out the email written by one of the Cardinal's cabal that's posted on Bryan Hehir Exposed.

We be naughty. You see it's customary for Catholics to talk up their complaints to their representatives on the pastoral council. That group of spineless wimps meets with the Cardinal to rubber stamp his ideas. They are saddened, down in the dumps, got the doldrums that the word corrupt is being used to describe such a fine group of luminaries.

Here's a bit from the crash course on writing to your diocese:

From: Joe Sacerdo
To: “”
Date: Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 6:47 PM
Subj: Re: Stop sending copies


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts back in the detailed message. Much of what you outlined would make sense and would work in the means you outlined–if the actions by the archdiocese weren’t rooted in deception and were rooted in the teachings of the Church.

I think we may differ on much, but on this we should agree–the Catholic Schools admission policy and it’s means of coming about were rooted in deception. Cardinal Sean put out his statement last May saying the Denver policy would be carefully studied and considered, but Fr. Bryan Hehir said a day later on WBUR that the Denver policy didn’t matter at all to the Cardinal–the Boston Archdiocese was already admitting children of gay parents and would continue doing so, just with a formal policy. One of the these two gentlemen was lying. Based on the outcome policy, it would appear that it was the Cardinal.

You will very much enjoy this forthright letter. As you can imagine, he did not receive a reply.

We are finished with the Tom Foolery.

When will they get it?


Maria said...

This is some sort of horrible, not to believed, apocalyptic nightmare. Who could have imagined when in our respective parochial grade schools we would one day be having these kinds of conversations with men of God???? I am starting to truly believe that Satan has now completely infiltrated the Catholic Church. Sancta Maria Mater Dei. It is simply not to be believed~!

Anonymous said...

They will "get it" when everyone stops giving them money. Money talks.

Maybe then they will listen.



Maria, I'm with you. I would never have believed that one day I would be typing these words: The Roman Catholic Church has become for me a nightmare come true. There is no worse chastisement than this that I can think of.

Anonymous said...

I think the blessed Cardinal Sheleighly is aiming to close one parish in honor of each abuser priest. You know in memoriam.

He certainly couldn't be trying to recoup costs at the expense of parish life or anything... The good Cardinal Sheleighly would never do anything that dastardly.