Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Statue at St. Anthony's Shrine

Reward for information leading to an explanation of the new life-size bronze statue in the Sanctuary of the man appearing to be doing a liturgical dance.


Operators are waiting by to receive your call.


Anonymous said...

Cold, very the rest of the Shrine. Wouldn't want to offend our Brothers & Sisters with true to life Beautifully painted statues. Poor St Jude look what they've done to him :(How do you explain to a recently converted Catholic who was brought to the Faith just by walking through the "old" shrine? Sad, very sad. They've desecrated the entire Shrine & shouldn't be called Catholic.

Carol McKinley said...

Cold is a good description. There's a vacuum when you walk into the building isn't there?

I'm really looking forward to finding out what it is. I looked around for a button to push to see if he would dance but I couldn't find one.

The first statue you see is about a 12 foot statue of Jesus covering his face with His Holy Hands.

Says it all.

What a sense of humor the Holy Spirit has.

Lynne said...

Not fair! I was hoping(?) to see a picture of it... Maybe it's just as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen St Anthony's website, I have to wonder if it's still Catholic? Maybe I'm overly "Traditional" But how can you tell if there's a Priest saying Mass of hearing Confession?

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