Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pope Sends Message to Obama - Stop the Bombs

Inquiring minds want to know...where are all the anti-war demonstrators?

Where is the outrage for the civilians being killed?

Benedict said the “ever more dramatic news coming out of Libya” was increasing his “trepidation for the safety and security of the civilian population as well as (his) apprehension for how the situation, marked by the use of arms, is developing.”

Libyan rebels took back a key oil town and were pushing westward toward the capital on Sunday, seizing momentum from U.N.-authorized international airstrikes that tipped the balance away from Moammar Gadhafi’s military.

The pope also expressed concern over violent clashes rocking much of the Middle East in recent days. Benedict, saying he had in mind both “authorities and civilians of the Middle East,” pressed for “the path of dialogue and reconciliation to have priority in the search for just and fraternal coexistence.”

Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Afghanastan, Palestine...

Somebody should make a lits of the countries in violent turmoil since the election of the "nobel peace prize" winner.

He's a winner all right.


Anonymous said...

"Inquiring minds want to know...where are all the anti-war demonstrators? Where is the outrage for the civilians being killed?"

Well, Obama's the prez now, and he's a Democrat and really cool. and he's pro-choice and wants national heath care.


Jerry said...

"Pope sends message ..."

It came right after the message to stop abortion.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol and Jasper, you're absolutely right about the lack of outrage from "anti-war demonstrators." Because "their guy" is in the White House, their "humanitarian concern" is not as passionate.

As far as Benedict's comments go, they're nothing but the traditional Vatican boilerplate concerning war and civilian casualties. If the Vatican (and this Pope) really gave a damn about "civilian casualties," they would do more than wring their hands and call for "reciprocity" when it comes to the plight of Middle Eastern Christians.

Of course, Benedict's comments put the Vatican in the position of supporting a maniacal butcher like Qadaffi.

Forgive me for my cynicism but I've done too much research and written too many articles about the Vatican's positions on the Middle East, Islam and American military power to believe anything else.

Move along, people. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Bomb, baby, bomb.

Anonymous said...

US bishops: military intervention in Libya ‘appears to meet’ key just-war standard

Catholic World News
March 28, 2011

Military intervention in Libya, in the judgment of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), “appears to meet” the just-cause criterion of Catholic teaching on just war. The USCCB, however, cautioned that it has “refrained from making definitive judgments” in light of “many prudential decisions beyond our expertise.”

Source(s): •Bishops Ask Administration to Weigh Use of Force in Libya in Light of Duty to Protect Human Life and Dignity (USCCB)

Anonymous said...

The US Bishops once again directly contradict the Pope, right in his face!

More and more, I am seeing the USCCB as a political machine for the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

The letter did not say the war was just, rather, the cause appears just. To declare just war standards have been met requires more than this.

Anonymous said...

Catholic World News
March 28, 2011

•Writing in London's Catholic Herald, William Oddie claims: not merely that the NATO air strikes on Libya are justified under the standards of "just war" set by St. Thomas Aquinas, but that they are "undoubtedly" justified under those conditions.

Source: •The air strikes over Libya undoubtedly meet St Thomas’s conditions for a just war (Catholic Herald)’s-conditions-for-a-just-war/

Anonymous said...

Catholic World News
March 28, 2011

John Allen notes, the signals from the Vatican have been quite mixed. He points out that Pope John Paul II approved and even actively advocated "humanitarian intervention" to stop atrocities in the Balkans, and the same argument can be applied to Libyan brutality against the country's own citizens. However, a just cause for war (ius ad bellum) does not guarantee the just conduct of war (ius in bello), and an equally strong argument from the Vatican has maintained that "war is always a defeat for humanity." Pope Benedict has expressed severe misgivings about the bombing in Libya. On balance, the Vatican message is: unclear.

Source: •Vatican brings ambivalence to Libya summit (National Catholic Reporter)

Carol McKinley said...

I was trying to say it's really less about whether I think the action is just, and more about the fact that they ambushed George Bush for years and when the Pope came, he actually defended Bush - as we all knew the actions were just.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Carol!

Ah yes - the olde double standard political rhetoric has risen its ugly head!

Ever wonder when a Republican is in the WH and there is military action that takes place they are labeled by the leftists (read: USCCB) as "warmongers"?

Then, when a Democrat is in the WH and there is military action suddenly many (not all - Michael Moore at least condemend the bombing and "The Wun") say it is a "humanitarian" or "peace keeping" effort?

I may have been born at night but is wasn't last night!

Catechist Kevin

Carol McKinley said...

Kevin! Happy Spring!

I remember the warmonger word quite well!

It's amazing given Obama has ignited turmoil in almost every country.

Where are all the pictures and stories of the civilians being massacred?

Where's all the boohooing about blood for oil?

Where's all the hand wringing about how much this is costing us?

Listen closely. When you don't hear it, you'll know it's them.