Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "USCCB" on Facebook, Henry Karlson and the "so-called" Catholic

A reader sent me a link on Facebook that looks like the official USCCB Facebook page, and it appears they are politically lobbying for big money unions and sullying the reputations of prolifers while they're at it.

Am I seeing things, or is THIS the official USCCB Facebook page? Because there's something very sleazy going on here.

The USCCB is politically lobbying for the collective bargaining rights of high-salaried unions -- and they're doing it by pretending they are 'poor people'?

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Today at 4 pm EST, join a Catholics Confront Global Poverty nation-wide phone call on "Let’s stop Congress from Balancing the Budget on the Backs of Poor People."

Dial-in number: 1-800-615-2820, Passcode: 859987. Everyone is invited!

What are the Bishops doing rounding up political power for these so called "poverty stricken" unions?

Union: National Education Association Membership: 3.2 million Assets: $216 million The NEA, representing most of the nation’s teachers, has 31 headquarters officers and employees who earn over $200,000. The president, Dennis Van Roekel, received $397,721 in salary and benefits. Of the $3.7 million NEA spent on political activities in the last election cycle, 98 percent went to Democratic candidates. The NEA has 98,000 members in Wisconsin. Before taking the helm in 2008, Van Roekel received pay increases averaging more than 4 percent a year as NEA vice president. In 2009, public school teachers were paid a national average of $54,319 and received raises ranging from 2 percent to 4 percent over the previous five years.

Union: Service Employees International Union Membership: 1.8 million Assets: $187 million The SEIU, whose membership has increased in recent years, has been organizing hospital, home care and nursing home workers, along with local and state government employees, janitors and security officers. The union has nine headquarters officers and employees who earn over $200,000. The former president, Andy Stern, was paid $306,388 in salary and benefits from the union in 2009. In his final year, Stern got a 5 percent pay boost, which came on the heels of the union growing by more than 88,000 members. Stern resigned in 2010 and was replaced by Mary Kay Henry, formerly the executive vice president. Over the past two years, SEIU gave almost $2 million to Democratic candidates and $8,500 to Republicans. It has 18,000 members in Wisconsin.
The USCCB went on to say the call would apply real and authentic Catholic values - as opposed to all that hooey about sin, repentance, grace.

What are real Catholic values, you ask?

Running for office, working with political parties, joining advocacy networks and community organizations to apply authentic moral teaching...and the like...

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops The Church teaches Catholics about moral values and then helps Catholics to apply those values to issues affecting the poor and vulnerable and the common good. Participating in the call can help Catholics live out the duties described in Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: "Forming their consciences in accord with Catholic teaching, Catholic lay women and men can become actively involved: running for office; working within political parties; communicating their concerns and positions to elected officials; and joining diocesan social mission or advocacy networks, state Catholic conference initiatives, community organizations, and other efforts to apply authentic moral teaching in the public square (no. 16)" We welcome all who would like to do this to join us this afternoon!
I'm filing a complaint tomorrow against their non-profit status. Maybe we should make it a formal campaign.

And, of course, you can always count on so-called Catholic Henry Karlson to smell the blood in the water:

Henry Karlson Many so-called pro-life advocates turn out to be anything but pro-life;

Henry Karlson
I have a narrow view? How do you know this? I have studied and engage the 2000 years tradition of social justice in the Church, and the further, longer tradition we have with the prophets. I have pointed out that so-called pro-life advocates turn the other side for life issues;

Henry's a so-called expert on Catholicism because he's 'studied' 2000 years of so-called tradition.

You know what Abba Cadabra said? Some people study and study but keep earning big fat zeros.

I don't do well with people who pretend their anti-Catholic or proabortion bullying is work they're doing on behalf of the poor.

Can you tell I am annoyed with the use of so-called?

Another woman in the thread addresses Henry's chicanery :

R**** Henry the name "so-called prolifers" is denegrating and prejudicial. We are not arguing about political agendas here. Please don't interject political bias by decrying the GOP. We want to here discuss the proper role of the Church in civil discourse. In this we should bear in mind that the Church's resources are limited as well and should be focused on the primary mission of the Church, the DIRECT care and ministry of the poor, ill, and enslaved.

Henry Karlson
when people claim to be pro-life, but denigrate things necessary for life, they are so-called pro-lifers, similar to how St Irenaeus pointed out the so-called gnostics were not even gnostics....

Henry Karlson you see so-called pro-lifers going against unions, encouraging disastrous policies such as proposed by Gov. Walker, it is clear they are not dealing with life-issues, but rather, politics and use abortion as a mask for their other, non-related issues...

Henry Karlson
Patrick: Walker has tried to remove the ability for people to have collective bargaining; this is an imposition on the weak...

Blech...Where's that list I found in the Urban Dictionary today?

Do you suppose if our country's poor learned how to earn their own credentials, to bargain for their own salaries and benefits, through education, hard work and merit, instead of staying weak and relying on the political cronies in bed with the Democrats for handouts - Henry and the USCCB would start lobbying for the unborn?

I'm sorry. I don't seem to have much patience for this today.

Who do you think is operating that USCCB Facebook Page?

Check out Michael Voris' Vortex on the USCCB's politically corrupt machine whoring for the unions.

Union workers need to pay their fair share like the rest of us. They are stealing from the poor and making it look like virtue.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

If you really want to either scream or laugh, go to my "sick note" post that just went up, and watch Fox news grill a Wisconsin teacher union boss (maybe robot might be a better term, given his penchant for spewing the talking points).

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, if the USCCB page is authentic, then it shouldn't be surprising. The USCCB has been advocating quasi-liberal views in the name of "social justice" for at least the past 30 years. "Social justice" -- really, another name for intellectual fashion -- is the true god of these bishops, not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are totally blind to anything outside of that paradigm.