Friday, April 22, 2011

National Catholic Reporter Paganizes the Crucifixion

But he was wounded for our iniquities, he was bruised for our sins: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by his bruises we are healed.

I've read a lot of insanity from the National Catholic Reporter but this one written by "Jamie Mason", published on Good Friday, really takes the first prize blue ribbon.

I’ve had more than one Catholic who grew up either before or on the cusp of Vatican II tell me horror stories of how they were taught that Jesus died because of their sins.

This was a particularly heavy-handed way for priests and nuns to lay an even thicker coat of guilt on impressionable Catholic school children. Because they were sinners, Jesus had to suffer and die to redeem them. It was one rendering of the traditional theological interpretations of the crucifixion -- that Jesus had to die to fulfill the Scriptures and that his death atoned for the sins of the world...

Jesus’ passion and death is a result of deeply-human intolerance, jealousy, resentment, hatred, and, most of all, fear.

Jesus’ death may have been the will of God, but it was also the will of both powerful people and ordinary people who preferred unquestioning loyalty to rigid, oppressive political and religious regimes to the profound challenges of God incarnate...

Though some thought experiencing holiness meant being acceptable in the eyes of religious authorities, Jesus said it meant being constantly judged and ostracized by those in religious power. Though many were told that experiencing God meant obeying laws and practicing empty rituals, Jesus told them that encountering God happens when we feed those who hunger, welcome the estranged, shelter the vulnerable, and visit the lonely.

Get it?

Christ did not die to leave us the Institution of our Salvation, His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and witness how far we go to be obedient to it, His Passion and Crucifixion is a story about the oppressive intolerance to sin by political and religious regimes. On Holy Thursday, we are not celebrating the institution of the Sacrament of Holy Communion and Holy Orders, these 'rituals' are 'empty'.

She goes on to make a fool out of those, earlier this week, who were disenfranchising the deep theological problems and spiritual abuse from turning Easter Sunday into a pagan earth day celebration:

It follows, then, that whenever God’s creation -- whether it be human lives or the ecosystems of the earth -- is unjustly harmed, God is harmed.
Whenever we harm ourselves or deny our own goodness, we wound God. Whenever we allow religious institutions to rob us of our dignity as unconditionally beloved children of God, God is put into a prison and degraded. Whenever we deny love or compassion to someone in need, or allow injustice to prosper, we deny God.
Whenever a creation of God suffers at the hands of greed, or the abuse of power, or hatred or fear, God is abused. Whenever a creation is killed, whether through our continued ravaging of the earth.... God is crucified.

An earth day "follows" the emptying of the worth of the Sacraments. An earth day celebration in place of our Triduum is bound to the school of thought that our 'rituals' and Sacraments are meaningless.

When Christ asked Simon whether he loved Him, and asked him to feed his sheep, all He meant was handing out gift certificates to Burger King.

This crap is real and it is out there. It isn't Catholic. It is a schism.

If you are in a parish that is celebrating the earth, encouraging the flock to take pride on your sins, you and your children are being robbed. The Catholics encouraging you to stay in these schismatic parishes and schools have fled from them themselves.

Sometimes, in fact most times, the devil is subtle.

You are hungry, what's the harm in eating this bread.

The apple is sweet, delicious.

He loves you and everyone is doing it, God was crucified so you could enjoy it without guilt.

It isn't a baby, you will not be provided the money to feed him, it's bad timing.

As a parent, anytime something harmful has been said or done in front of my children, I spoke up to correct it. Even if it was minor.

The misfeasance of the local Bishop who has jurisdiction over this schismatic rag is truly breathtaking. He has the canonical power to strip them of the right to use the word 'Catholic', but instead, he permits the flock get hoodwinked.

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani.


Left-footer said...

Thank God that there are Catholics, like you, who are still sentient, awake, vigilant, and, I guess, angry.

And thank you for this. Tweeting now.

God bless and a joyous easter to you and yours.

Left-footer said...

Sorry Easter!

And me a proof-reader.

Anonymous said...

Father Z came up with this response:

"I am trying to imagine a version of the Stations of the Cross composed by Jamie Manson for the National Catholic Fishwrap.

The 1st Station – Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura Condemns Jesus to Death.

The 2nd Station – The President of the Pontifical Council for the Authentic Interpretation of Legislative Texts Gives Jesus His Cross

The 3rd Station – The Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy Trips Jesus the First Time

The 4th Station – Jesus Meets the Congregation for Religious

The 5th Station – The President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace Helps Jesus Carry the Cross.

The 6th Station – The Sister President the Leadership Conference of Women Religious Wipes the Face of Jesus

The 7th Station – Jesus is Tripped for the Second Time by the Prefect for the Congregation for Bishops

The 8th Station – Jesus Meets the Women’s Ordination Conference

The 9th Station - Jesus is Tripped for the Third Time by the Secretary of State

The 10th Station – The Vatican Bank Strips Jesus of His Garments

The 11th Station - The Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith Nails Jesus to the Cross

The 12th Station - Jesus Dies Not For Your Sins But Because Of “Religious Power”

The 13th Station - The Pontifical Council “Cor Unum” Takes Jesus Down From the Cross.

The 14th Station – The Congregation For Divine Worship Lays Jesus in the Tomb, in Latin."


Anonymous said...

"The misfeasance of the local Bishop who has jurisdiction over this schismatic rag is truly breathtaking. He has the canonical power to strip them of the right to use the word 'Catholic', but instead, he permits the flock get hoodwinked."

Yup. What a shame. These people are dangerous and are doing alot of destruction to the Church...


Anonymous said...

If you only knew how sick of these people I am. Had they been teaching from the Catechism of the Council of Trent and saying the TLM, they would have been relegated to oblivion eons ago.

How much longer?


Michael Cole said...

Remember Charlie Manson. The Devil at work again. Manson is the opposite of Son of Man. How the Evil One loves to reverse God's Order and mock Him.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one to watch out for:

I've heard him say some really strange things over the years. Got so bad that I couldn't even stand the sound of his voice anymore.


Caroline said...

Oh dear..I put my comments for the NCRreporter in the wrong combox, Carol.
I put it in your Parish Grading Blog post!
I guess that's why I'm not a professional..

Caroline said...

How this is considered a Catholic publication I have no clue.Had I closed my eyes to the title, I would have thought I was reading some freebee paper in a wire bin outside a new age Unity Church.
How these writers are considered professional representations of Catholic truth...and get paid for it..I suppose is nothing less than a prime example of the enemy's deception.
What an insult to the blood of the cross on which the price for MY SIN was paid and which we venerate today... Good Friday.
Thank goodness His mercies are new everyday..
It's the hope I hold onto knowing that on the wood of that cross..sin, darkness and death were defeated...forever.
Lord have mercy on these souls.
Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the Loving God have mercy on.. me.. a sinner.


Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Chris! Hope your Triduum is filled with blessings.

Caroline - no problemo. I fixed it. sorta. :)

Veronica, I was puzzled by a few things Jimmy wrote a few years back too - and hadn't read him in years. I came across him not too long ago on a story about Boston school policy that he did a bang up job with.

Robin - Fr. Z's contribution is fun. Thanks for sharing it!

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

This article represent the "new theology" (a different church) of Vatican two. If folks have embraced it, lets be honest about it and move on, can't we?

I think the Catholic 'buzz' we are experiencing is not simply a collective complaint, it is the process of facing the reality of AMchurch.

Time will tell, and there are different straws that will break individuals backs, but it is here, a new church has been created.

You said Carol...
"...emptying of the worth of the Sacraments" This is virtually impossible.
You can mock them - sacrilege.
You can make them invalid - schism. You can even steal them - violence against the church. But you can not change their nature.

You can't change her (Christ's Church), you leave her and embrace something else. When will an American Bishop with testosterone draw this line for all to see? At this point I think we need to give away a few churches, give them a rainbow flag for the alter and be done with it.

That drunk German, Luther, started this eons ago.

Carol McKinley said...


Thanks for clarifying my statement and defending the honor of the Sacraments. I of course meant you can empty Them of their value in the minds of the faithful. Changing the nature of salvation from the Grace Christ's passion and death purchased for us to something pagan - in the minds of the flock.

It is a brainwashing, is what it is. Why would anyone tell their fellow Catholics to continue to sit in these places with their children to be brainwashed, instead of going to a place where the teachings of the Church are being taught?

It baffles me.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

You can't serve two masters.

The following reasoning is elusive and the very nature of modernism.

"I of course meant you can empty Them of their value in the minds of the faithful."

This is a modernist thought. The Sacraments do not attain value within the mind of the faithful. They stand outside individual human experience, individuals through grace ascend to their meaning.

Anyone who would through teaching, spiritual direction or questionable creative sacraments (I'm not a canonical expert)
"... empty Them of their value in the minds of the faithful."
Is a heretic.

It is high time The Church of Rome begins to use this term again.

There is a de facto parallel church.

Of course you are baffled. Quit trying to put all the ingredients into one pie and understand there are two.

Carol McKinley said...


Don't pin the tripe on me! I was verbalizing how it is operating on a spiritual level of the person's mind, not at the level of the Sacrament.

They are blinding them to the value of the Sacraments in their minds.

On the level of the Sacrament, the blindness (and the resulting sin) does have an effect on the Grace received. The Sacrament has all the properties to make you a Saint. But, just like bank has enough money to make you rich, standing in the lobby with a withdrawal slip isn't going to put it into your possession, showing up at Church and even receiving the Blessed Sacrament doesn't mean you're soul will benefit from the Grace.

I absolutely agree that this is a de-facto schism.

Prayers and peace.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

You know, I'm going to that the exact opposite tack of the readers here. I think Father Z's attempt at satire really does make a point, whether he realizes it or not. Of course, Christ was crucified so he could become the atoning sacrifice that redeems us, in accordance with fulfilling the Mosaic Law. But let's not kid ourselves: If the Catholic leaders to whom Fr. Z alludes existed during Jesus' lifetime, they would have done the exact same thing to Him that Annas, Caiphas and the Sanhedrin did. If the past decade proves anything (at least, in Boston), it's that powerful clerics are more concerned about image, position and institutional survival than about truth.

Besides, Catholic guilt has nothing to do with believing that Christ died on the cross for human sin. Many evangelical Protestants believe that (in far greater depth than many Catholics do, sadly) yet have no overwhelming, paralyzing sense of guilt. Instead, many of them feel gratitude toward God for removing the barrier preventing ultimate fellowship w/Him.

Catholic guilt has to do with intimidating the faithful so that they don't question priests or prelates. Carol, you once mentioned that the ferocity many laity express when confronted with sin among the clergy or hierarchy reaches cult-like levels. Where and how did they learn that ferocity, and why are they so ferocious? Is it not a means to cover up guilt and shame that they don't want to face themselves?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I think it's also time to ask why everything has gone to Hell (or, at least, has seemed to) since Vatican II.

I think VII did the same thing to the Catholic Church that glasnost and perestrokia did to the Soviet Union. That is, they attempted to inject some openness and accountability into a rigid, brittle system. In the Soviet Union, that system collapsed quite quickly. In the Church, it's happening more slowly but it's indeed happening.

Instead of relying on God's grace and the Holy Spirit, Church leaders effectively took it upon themselves to become that Spirit, thereby usurping Him. By usurping that power, they became infatuated with secular prestige, wealth and influence. They also found it necessary to keep the laity and lower clergy "in line" through intimidation, which included fostering guilt and shame.

After Vatican II, so many Catholics confused the mistakes and arrogance of Church leadership with the Gospel itself, and disregarded both.

Returning to a more "traditionalist" approach, complete w/the Latin Mass and other such atmospherics, won't solve the problem. Only two things will: The leadership must repent seriously of its arrogance and sense of entitlement (which Vatican II didn't touch) and the laity must demand in no uncertain terms to be taught what the Gospel really is and what it really means, without "progressive" or "traditionalist" baggage.

Let's not forget one thing. The same Christ who declared that "the gates of Hell will not prevail" is also the same Christ who demands complete fidelity to Him and His Father. If you don't believe that, then read Revelation 2-3, or read about the vision that Pope Leo XIII had 130 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Last Catholic

You are right - there are two churches - two religions, which is why I am an alien in the novus ordo church.


Maria said...

Joseph: You are completely correct. Exactly, though, what are people to DO? I have gotten to the point where sitting through Mass, and this at the National Shrine,is so emotionally painful due to the abuses that I can barely stand it. It is so loud I cannot pray. I literally cannot concentrate.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Maria, Catholics are going to have to do what they've been conditioned not to do: confront vociferously, passionately and intelligently their "shepherds." They must place their loyalty to Christ and His Father ahead of their loyalty to the ecclesiastical institution (I'm not accusing you of doing that, Maria; I'm speaking generally). They must maintain that committment to confrontation despite being constantly rebuffed, ignored or demeaned. As I write this, I'm beginning to wonder if the kind of massive non-violence that the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s tried to promote wouldn't be appropriate here.

Anonymous said...

Maria, why don't you go to the church in DC that has the TLM? Why subject yourself to nonsense? You are entitled to peace and quiet; you are entitled, as a Catholic, to reverence and an abuse-free Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


Maria said...

Joseph: If you remember I did confront a priest, for the first time in my life, at Church, after Mass. He had quoted Joan Chittister and Teddy Kennedy in his homily!*?! His repsonse? Well, I don't think there any problem w/ what I quoted. People think they are at a ball game--phone go off, people take pictures, they are incapable of silence. Don't get me started on the conduct of children. Please! Just. Dont't. Get. Me. Started.

On the issue of protest, I think you might be on to something. My first thought was, no, the Holy Spirit will guide the barque, but maybe such a notion is from the Holy Spirit. We have been in exile for forty years like the Israelites. God will lead us out. Good will come of it. There is nothing that he does not allow. Maybe the Holy Spirit is crying out to us, the laity, to help steer her back, toward God. it is a lot harder for them to hide now that we live online. I think a lot more thought should be given to your suggestion.

Veronica: I go to daily Mass. There are no daily Masses. There is a Latin Mass in DC. I think I will try it next Sunday.

I think that it is almost like we are starting over, like the early Christians. I think this is why Pope John Paul II, and Hardon, wrote so much about martyrdom. They knew where we were and what it would take to turn the barque of Peter around. They turned things around, but even for them it took 300 years.

Maria said...

Apologies for all the typos. BTW, I am actually considering physically moving to another area, if I can find a good, orthodx parish. It is that important to me.

Anonymous said...

Maria, you sound just like me - especially about the children (well, it is not the children's fault that they are being raised by children themselves who haven't the foggiest what the word d-i-s-c-i-p-l-i-n-e means [or being considerate of others means], having had none themselves and told their entire lives how wonderful they are and how "God loves you just the way you are!" and that there is "no right or wrong"). Don't get me started either, and don't ever bring it up on a fora or blog, you'll get your head handed to you on a platter.

As for relocating, since I did it myself for what I thought would be greener pastures, I will be the first to tell you: stay where you are!!! You are there for a reason. Move only if you are absolutely certain that to move is God's will for you.

You might only trade one set of miseries for another, and the cross follows you wherever you go. As the Imitation of Christ says (and I am paraphrasing) - one thing you can never escape, and that is yourself. You bring you wherever you go, and there is no perfect place in this world, only in the next.

I will get off my soap-box now.

Blessed Easter to you, dear Maria!


Carol McKinley said...

Maria, I agree with Veronica. You've got to find someplace that gives you peace. There are some no-nonsense pastors down there, give yourself a break.

Maria said...

Sage insight and very perceptive observations about the behavior of this new generation and their children. I will stay put and Carol, I will let you know when I have located the no nonsense pastors. Do you know where they are? LOL.

Dymphna said...

Maria, try going to the Crypt church at the Shrine or visit the Franciscan monastery up the street.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Dympha. I have heard good things about the Crypt. Does the Franciscan Monastery have a replica of Christ's tomb?

Maria said...

LOL, Dymphna: That is where I go! The crypt. Maybe I should try the monastery or maybe I will have to pursue convent life, lol. You all are so sweet to make these suggestions. He is risen! Alleluia and Happy, Joyous Easter to you all!!

Anonymous said...

For more about Pagan Easter, this is at the website of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Boston:

At our Motherhouse administration offices we gather for staff prayer every other Wednesday. This week I was the one who prepared the prayer. As I prayed about it, the convergence of Good Friday and Earth Day kept emerging.

Wednesday was the first anniversary of the Gulf Oil spill. We’re witnessing dramatic weather changes – that in the past few weeks alone have given rise to the tsunami in Japan… tornados in the area of North Carolina…it goes on and on…

We’re seeing natural disasters of epic proportions – and in this convergence of Good Friday and Earth Day, we have to wonder: Is our global lifestyle in some way crucifying the world-wide Body of Christ – the Earth?

Then it has cutsey pictures of gnomes carrying a cross. (I'm almost kidding)


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you decide you know better than the Church and refuse, even after all these decades, to admit that you took a wrong turn in the sixties. The writing is on the wall for all of these religious orders, if they would only take off their new age blinders and read it.


Left-footer said...

Anonymous - They are gnomes! I went there and took a look, and left a comment.

Why don't we all leave a comment on that supremely silly post, which smacks of pantheism.

Maria said...

Druids. I left a comment. I suspect it wil not be posted. They ought to worry more about their wanting prayer life.

Dymphna said...

Carol, yes, the monastery has a replica of the tomb.