Friday, April 29, 2011

The Skunk at the Lawn Party of Cardinal George's Letter to Fr. Pfleger

After reading several faithful Catholic sources praising Cardinal George for his letter to Fr. Pfleger, I wonder...what planet am I on?

Here is a con man who has committed the worst spiritual crime a priest could possibly commit, ripping souls from the Body of Christ and robbing them of their salvation -- and Cardinal George explains how he's tried to "make equally good use of your talents in ministry"?

I want to admire Cardinal George for suspending Fr. Pfleger, but I can't get there.

Cardinal George mentions nothing about the years of scandal or scores of victims. It's almost as if getting people into Heaven is not even a consideration in a priest's vocation. Perhaps that explains why he was putting children under Fr. Pfleger's tutelage.

And, this is lame:

A Catholic priest's inner life is governed by his promises, motivated by faith and love, to live chastely as a celibate man and to obey his bishop... Bishops are held responsible for their priests on the assumption that priests obey them. I have consistently supported your work for social justice and admired your passion for ministry. Many love and admire you because of your dedication to your people.

Do you mean to tell me that all of the antics of Fr. Pfleger were carried out under the obedience of Cardinal George?

CMR reports that Fr. Pfleger's supporters marched and protested at Cardinal George's residence. That's nothing compared to what Pfleger has taught them to protest against Christ.

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rubyroad said...

Bravo, Carol. I agree.