Friday, April 29, 2011

Sorry for the Radio Silence...

It has been a busy week. And, I have spent far too much time in the com boxes HERE, speaking with (or maybe 'to' is a better word to use) a friend of several of my readers.



Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!

Carol (my dear!!), Our Lord once said something about not throwing your pearls before swine.

Face it. We may all belong to the same Church and we may all call ourselves Catholic, but the day that the word conveyed the same meaning for everyone is long gone.

By the way, your posts were not filled with venom and anger. What that man did to you is just a tactic to throw you off and shut you up. The fora on the internet are full of his type.

Shake the dust from your feet.


Carol McKinley said...

That poor fellow was in way over his head.


The word Catholic has the same meaning as it did the day Christ instituted His Church!

Anonymous said...

You misunderstood me.

I know that the word Catholic has the same meaning as it did when Christ instituted His Church. That is not what I was saying.

I think I'll just get lost for a while, Carol.


Carol McKinley said...


I thought you were making an observation about the folks posting - nothing more - but if I misunderstood you, I apologize!

Anonymous said...

nice comments Carol, you're exactly right. I didn't see any anger in your posts at all.

Mark Shea shouldn't be trashing good catholics like Voris.

Anonymous said...

That was me -Jasper

Joseph D'Hippolito said...
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, now you know what I had to deal with for seven years. Shea and I engaged in a virulent feud for that long. He would even go to Catholic blogs on which I was commenting and try to destroy my character, though the discussions in which I was involved did not mention him!

Shea is the kind of man who will construct rhetorical straw men, distort or ignore opposing arguments and, when all else fails, engage in personal attacks.

Shea's ability to hold an orthodox line in his books means nothing to me. His behavior on the Internet speaks volumes about his true character. He needs either an exorcism or massive psychological counseling. He might even need Christ as His personal Lord and Savior, as the evangelicals say.

Do yourself a favor, Carol. Ignore this man. He is not worth your time. It took me seven wasted years to learn that lesson. You have far better things to do.

Carol McKinley said...


What a sad exercise that was.

It was strange really, in that he had a story and he was sticking with it, no matter how much he had to ignore the elephant in the room. Until somebody smarter than I came in and asked the million dollar question - what do you do when spiritually traumatized people and victims of spiritual abuse come to you for help?

Then, it was time for him to hit the road. He did say something like he tells spiritually traumatized people who come to him that "Jesus has Risen".

Stay warm and well fed.

We are forging new territory here. We have been in retreat when this dynamic has been played out. That's what he's used to and I wanted him to know that we are full speed ahead. I was trying to give him a heads up because I think his work is important and I don't want to see him go under the bus. I wanted my conscience to be clear.

I could never last seven years!

Peace - enjoy tomorrow.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Peace to you, as well.