Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Archdiocese Turns Down St. Mary's Parents

As the closing of St. Mary of the Assumption School nears, members of the Parent Teacher Association say they want to open an independent private school to provide Catholic education in the northern part of the city.

But just as earlier this week when the group raised $335,000 in a last effort to keep St. Mary open, the Archdiocese of Boston has said no.

Oh, I get it. They need another empty building on their hands.

Wasn't the hype about Catholic education all about opening new schools?

All they seem to be doing is closing schools.

Everything they touch seems to turn to poo.

Anyway, it's interesting that Donilon is quoted now like he is the Archbishop.

Where is the Archbishop?

Does he know?

We are not entertaining this , as there are very good options in the greater Lawrence area,"

The folks in the Chancery making three hundred grand each wouldn't get this, but Lawrence is a big place. Poor people don't have cars or means to get their children across town.

Here's my favorite quote:

Donilon said starting an independent school is an extensive process which requires canonical approval.

Yes folks, these are people who are interested in Canonical law.

Stop laughing.

Brace yourself because the best is yet to come:

This is not about one school versus another. Retaliation is not in our playbook. I reject it on right. We don't practice it, and we don't believe in retaliation," Donilon said.

I think there's a breaking story Daughters of St. Paul that will put this fib out of it's misery, won't it.

The truth is, retaliation is the operating system of the Archbishop's fiefdom and the Cardinal's hands have blood on them. Sadly, he is involved.

Boston bloggers have emails, phone calls that tell a sad and rather frightening story of corruption, bullying and retaliation. Anyone who has ever dealt with them about anything beyond the smoke and mirrors of their PR campaigns is painfully aware of it.

I feel so horrible, my heart breaks every time I think about it," said Ingrid Castillo, whose son, Jesus, 7 attends St. Mary.

"I feel they (archdiocesan officials) don't have a heart because they are taking away education from the poor and faith of children."

They've thrown Jesus and the education of our faith into the street. What more is there to say. She has said it all.


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to see how an independent school which did not wish to call itself "Catholic" or to claim sponsorship or approval by the archdiocese would have to deal with any kind of "canonical" process. And what is important, after all is not the label but the reality. Organizing an independent school under state law is rather easy, requiring really only local school committee determination that the education proposed to be offered is roughly comparable to that offered in the local public schools. If the supporters of keeping the school going already have over $300,000 in seed money, they should be able to go forward to found an independent school where the education is of decent quality and the spirit of the place is informed by the Catholic faith and devotion of the parents and staff.

Michael said...

The Lawrence group needs to find a gay/lesbian, non traditional "family" unit to front their PR effort.

Jack Connors will take immediate notice and the school will be back in business. Perhaps even "Cardinal Sean" would reappear, from his self imposed exile, and reassert the Archdiocese's commitment to "non-discriminatory" education.