Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cardinal O'Malley's Right-Hand Man (Jack Connors) Helping With Obama's Election (AGAIN!)

At what point does a Cardinal relieve one of their duties if raising money for the that administration that kills children doesn't get on his radar?

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Anonymous said...

Why "Change" now? Shame, shame,shame..

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

This is exactly why Church "officials" cannot be trusted when it comes to abortion. Their lack of passion on this issue reflects, I believe, their general lack of compassion for the innocent -- as does their stonewalling on the clerical sex-abuse crisis and their lemming-like embrace of an abolitionist stance on capital punishment (which, btw, disregards teachings from both Scripture and Tradition).

False shepherds like O'Malley are lucky that God is mercifully waiting for them to repent. Otherwise, they and the medieval re-enactors on Vatican Hill would have been consumed by His firey anger a long time ago.