Sunday, May 8, 2011

Obama's Regime of Thugs in Egypt is Killing Christians

At least six people were killed and 120 injured in sectarian clashes outside a Cairo church, an incident officials say began over rumors that a Christian woman who converted to Islam was being held there against her will.

Witnesses said an armed group of Muslims marched on Saint Mena Coptic Orthodox Church, one of the oldest churches in Egypt.

During the clashes Saturday, Muslims and Christians exchanged gunfire, sending people running for cover, witnesses said.

A friend sent me this story, which I don't know whether it is true or untrue, but I've had some nagging questions about Obama's sudden willingness to kill Osama before he comes back to kill us all. It just doesn't jive with his dhimmitude and assistance to avante guard pockets of al queda.

On the one hand, he's held secret meetings with al queda's spin off and helped them execute a coup of a country who is escalating their war against Christianity. He's spent years talking about how important it is to replace protecting our lives and sovereignty with making nice with tyrants by providing them with ritzy dinners and cappuccinos as their regimes of murder are permitted to flourish. Why would he bother to chase down and kill Bin Laden?

It also struck me as odd that they've known where Bin Laden has been hiding since last August. Bin Laden's computers indicate they were preparing another 911 in September of this year. They had no way of knowing the plans Bin Laden was ordering. We've been here like sitting ducks for nine months while Obama's regime were 'watching' him?

The story talks about how the situation was forced and they pulled the aloof and detached president off the golf course and escorted him into the room to watch it after it had already begun.

Pray for our brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...

May I point out O' Bama kissed the Saudi Kings ring and the Saudis and Obama are not exactly on speaking terms. I posit that there are two facts. One al-Qaeda needs a new hero and if Obama got the go ahead from his monarch the Saudi King Bin Laden as he was old news would make a good martyr

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, the fact that Muslims attacked Christians in Egypt has nothing to do w/Pres. Obama (and I didn't vote for the man). It has everything to do with Islam, which is a fundamentally evil religion that is all about power, especially power over women and non-Muslims. Sadly, most Catholics (including priests and bishops, even in the Vatican) view Islam as a "sister monotheistic faith" rather than the evil source of slavery that it is.

Let's pray for the mass conversion of Muslims to Christ. Let's also pray for God to enlighten Catholics and other Christians to the true nature of Islam, and reject the "indulgent ecumenism," as French-Catholic scholar Alain Besancon so accurately described it, that permeates today's Catholic millieu.

rubyroad said... is an excellent source for the evil cult of Islam. She is a Catholic convert on fire.

rubyroad said...

Oops - it"s

Anonymous said...

Threat of civil war looms over Egypt, an appeal to the international community

The spokesman of the Catholic Churches of Egypt calls on the international community to intervene to prevent the rise of an Islamic regime. The army locks down the capital to prevent further clashes between Christians and Muslims. Those who foment religious hatred could be sentenced to death.

Asia News

More at,-an-appeal-to-the-international-community-21513.html

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Anonymous, the joke is that the Vatican had the opportunity to call on their fellow co-religionists in Islam to stop this persecution once Lombardo released the Vatican's statement on bin Laden's death. They never did.

Now does anybody want to argue with me that this Church is effectively apostate?