Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sound Reading on "End Times" (Hint-we've got a long way to go)

A few articles worthy of reading HERE and HERE that opine that Harold Camping's publicity stunt has painted all in Christendom as lunatics.

Thought provoking.

Mark Mallet has what I would consider to be an excellent perspective on 'end times' that is referenced from Catholic resources, HERE.

A couple of things that resonate with me from Mark's post.

Christ's Mystical Body, His Church, follows His Life here on earth. It doesn't seem to me we are anywhere near Golgotha. We've gone beyond Palm Sunday, that's for sure. Seems like we've been in Gethsemene.

All the nations that are falling are warning that Al Queda is taking over their country. Yemen's President cited an al aueda coup this week.

Like the rest of these countries that are falling to al queda, I know nothing about the regime being replaced by them. All I know is, what is taking their place is a tyranny that is much worse for everyone concerned.

It seems the focus has now shifted to the Holy Land. Scripturally, any way you slice it, it is disconcerting.

In terms of where this seems to be in the following of Christ's Mystical Body in His Passion and ultimately His Resurrection, it seems we are moving towards the seizing of Christ's Mystical Body in some nations. This is my educated guess, worth nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Mark's observations about Popes' language in our lifetime are also very interesting:

So where is this generation at in this sequence of cosmic events? Jesus instructed us to watch the signs of the times so that we would be better prepared for His coming. But not just His coming: preparation also for the arrival of false prophets, persecution, an Antichrist, and other tribulations. Yes, Jesus commanded us to watch and pray so that we would be able to remain faithful during the "final trial" that would come.

Based on what I’ve mentioned above, but particularly on the words of Pope John Paul II, Paul VI, Leo XIII, Pius X and other pontiffs who’ve all referred to our times in apocalyptic language, our generation is certainly a candidate for the possible arrival of the "lawless one."

This country has been making great strides towards lawlessness. Like Mark, if I were to venture a guess, we are hopefully thousands of years away.

It isn't good enough to focus on when the Bridegroom is coming so we can repent in time to be in good standing.

I never fell into the trap because it is based upon a foundation that I know I am sinning, I will do it anyway but I will watch for signs so I can stop and be sitting pretty if and when Christ returns before natural death. Remorse for hurting my Beloved is missing from this scenario. It would be all about me.

The Book of Revelation is what it is and we can't stop it anymore than the Apostles could stop Christ's Crucifixion. It's been the end game all along to follow that path.

The Mad Hatters like Camping are just another crucible along the way.

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