Friday, June 17, 2011

Joe Fitzgerald's Article on Fr. Unni

Spectacular article by Joe Fitzgerald.

Indeed, so when an articulate young priest such as the Rev. John Unni appears to distance himself from the teachings of the Church, which got him a standing ovation at St. Cecilia’s last Sunday, he immediately becomes the darling of anarchists and malcontents who want the Church to shut up and butt out, allowing them to reshape their faith so that it will accommodate every whim and wayward desire.

“As a Catholic, my only agenda — just like Jesus — is to love and accept one another,” Father John reasoned, assuring his politically correct congregation that all walks of life were welcome to worship there.

True enough, but the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would have said, was that He also reminded them of what they were, ending His conversations with a reassuring, “Go, and sin no more."

I've put in several calls to Fr. Unni. Apparently, on top of being a bullbleeper, he's a coward.


Anonymous said...


Have other parishes and priests spoken out in solidarity with Fr. Unni? St. Ignatius and the Paulist Center printed notices in the bulletin, I think. Were there other homilies at other places that you've heard?


breathnach said...

Jeff Jacoby also had a solid summing up to the absurdity of attempting to deconstruct the teachings of the Church, in order to promote a sexual ideology:

"Their anger may be sincere. But denouncing a Catholic archdiocese for upholding Catholic standards isn’t rational. The Catholic Church, like any great religion, is open to all who seek to be guided by its teachings. It can hardly be expected to discard those teachings for the sake of popularity or political correctness — or to quell the outrage of parishioners who prefer a church more concerned with their self-esteem than with their spiritual well-being."

peter said...

No doubt this will be considered
"hateful" and "hurtful" by those who as Jacoby well stated are concerned with self congatulations
rather than with spiritual well being.

Anonymous said...

The archdiocese is upholding Catholic teaching? Since when?

Daniel Biedrzycki said...

It saddens me that this has happened. I was actually walking by St. Cecilia's today, and it's a beautiful Church. It's a shame that such a terrible thing is happening in so great a house of God.

Maria said...

Bravo Mr. Fitzgerald and Carol McKinley. At the risk of "high jacking" the comments section, I thought we could use a little Fr. Hardon SJ:

Sin in the Providence of God

"Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, in his masterful encyclical, Dives in Misericordia, Rich in Mercy, defines mercy as love coping with evil. Memorize that, mercy is love coping with evil. Mercy is love, paid the price of love. Mercy is costly love. It is love that loves although it has not been loved. Mercy is love giving to those who have stolen love from us. All of this we believe.

God wants every sinner to repent and return to His friendship. He wants every priest who has rejected his priesthood and turned his back on Christ to be reconciled with his Master. He wants every religious who has been unfaithful to his or her vowed commitment to make their peace with God. He wants every husband who has sinned against his wife and children to repent and be saved. He wants every woman who has killed her unborn offspring to be converted. Every prostitute to reach heaven. Every thief and murderer to one day see the face of God. He wants the Church’s persecutors, wherever, and in our own country , to love the God they are now opposing among the faithful. In a word, God wants sinners to return to the One they offended and finally to save their souls. But all of this means that we must do our part, we must pray and sacrifice in order to obtain from God’s mercy the grace that sinners need, desperately need, to stop sinning and start serving God. They will, they will stop offending God, but I repeat, we must do our part. The more patient we are in bearing the wrongs of others, the more forgiving we are, the more ready we are to pay the price of being maybe deeply agonizingly hurt by a sinner, the more grace God has in store for that sinner. My generosity, my patience in bearing wrong is the divinely ordained condition for obtaining God’s merciful forgiveness even for the worst crimes that people will commit. It is up to us to never count the cost in order to obtain the mercy of God for those who have sinned. And the more deeply we have been hurt, the more agonizingly we have suffered injustice, hear it and don’t forget, the more we hold that sinner’s salvation in our hands. Our patient endurance of suffering is the price that Jesus wants us to pay to bring sinners to that heavenly kingdom reserved only for those who have tasted the mercy of God".

Lord, hear our prayer...

UncleHam said...

Fr. Corapi is out.

VeritasVictor said...

Ham, Carol engaged in rash judgment against Fr. Corapi's accuser/s, referring to this whole matter as "bullsheet."

The following exchange is from her March 19th post on the subject:


"I see what YOU are doing and it is demonic. You are taking sides against the accuser/s before the evidence is in. And that is reckless and irresponsible.

As are you.

Your very public comments could very well be adding to a victim's pain.

Sleep well."

Then I said:

"The Church isn't treating this as lightly as you are:

Carol responded:

"There are plenty of spineless, politically correct people who will play a violin for you as you sputter this nonsense but I am not one of them.

It is absolute hogwash that an anonymous former employee and grown woman who doesn't have the backbone to state her name and stand on the merits of her facts should expect Catholic faithful to accept her allegations without her ever having to ever tell her story because the accused has tan and black beard.

The Bishops are taking out our priests with stories that don't have any merit whatsoever because people like you come along and bully them into it.

Now all that is necessary is putting up pictures on a bad hair day.

This is bullsheet."

Carol referred to the accusations as a "story without merit" and "bullsheet."

Turns out it's her attitude which is "bullsheet."

She was wrong. Let's see if she will exhibit a modicum of humility and admit this....

I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

And when she's not referring to the new Mass as "rotten to the core," she's rashly judging anyone and everyone who disagrees with her and calling them "jackass" and "loonie."

Carol is fringe. The media attention she has received has gone to her head as surely as it did Jim Jones.

I smell a cult here.

peter said...

Thanks for this web pages which
checks loonies and cults like Unni
who should really resign for false

Anonymous said...

Carol, 'Fore!!!

The Unni-ites have begun their campaign against Carol.

"Cult", "Jim Jones", "fringe" are only the beginning. These folks can channel the hate 24/7. Their "inclusiveness" always ends up in show trials,pogroms, purges and censorship.

Jerry said...

Michael, Unni-ites is a good guess, but this name-caller has been around for awhile. I'm pretty sure it's a guy who runs an apocalyptic end-times website and posts under a variety of screen names. He has it in for Carol because she won't silence fringe nuts like me and others, but will silence him.

Jerry said...

P.S. Carol was correct in defending Fr. Corapi against detraction earlier. There isn't yet any evidence of his wrongdoing, but he has really gone weird with his latest statement. The moral of the story is, watch out for rock stars.

VeritasVictor said...

She was doing more than defending Fr. Corapi. She was positively saying that the accusations against him were "bullsheet" and "hogwash."

And that turned out to be a lot of bullshit itself.

Moral of the story: The next time a priest is accused, don't automatically assume he's guilty but also do not dismiss his accuser/s without sufficient evidence.

Jerry said...

VV, do you have some evidence of Corapi's guilt? I've been combing blogs today but haven't found anything. None say what you say.

Anonymous said...

"I feel compelled to say something here about John Corapi and mercy, and judgement. It is wrong to refrain from judging John Corapi's actions. In fact he invites us to do it, knowing ...that he will secure some faithful followers and alienate others. It is not only acceptable that we judge his actions it is necessary. We may not judge John Corapi the man. There are three fonts of morality, object, circumstances, and intention. We cannot know all the information on all of these. Even his confessor can only know those partially. The circumstances alone mitigate the sin in his actions, if the circumstances are as they say they are. Note I did not say ABSOLVE but mitigate. Like Peter with the sword--if we feel compelled to compassion for his fire and for his passion, however misplaced, that is also a just cry in us for mercy for a soldier of God. But we MUST judge his actions on their own merit. We MUST. He has publicly foresworn his Holy Orders and invited scandal on his bishops and the Church herself. It makes no difference whether we in our position as laymen agree with the injustice of proceedings, about which we only know John Corapi's side at the moment. In reason, we can say, that at the very least, John Corapi has chosen the ability to continue a multimedia public ministry over his vow of obedience to his Holy Orders. In announcing that broken vow, he used it as an opportunity to sell his book and his new brand. In reason, we can say that this is a sin against the Church and against us, and we can pray for mercy for him, and pray that those actions will not have even more foul consequences. For that judgement no one owes any apology---for some passionate ad hominem and invective. okay. The judgement that those words dress, however, is not only just, it is essential that we think, that we reason, and then, that we JUDGE that action. Deus miserateur. See More
By Jennifer Pierce

Jack O'Malley said...

The few times I heard this guy I was not impressed. He's no Fulton Sheen. But now that he is just John Corapi, he even loses the cachet of the priesthood. Let's see what his Truth and Hope schtick is all about. I suppose there will be some suckers that will buy his stuff.

And did he call himself on the video a black sheepdog, a blacksheep dog or a black she-dog? My ears aren't what they used to be but his speech impediment seems to have worsened. Tolerable in a priest of the Lord, irritating in a new age huckster.

Anyway, there is only one source of Truth and Hope. As proclaimed here by an angelic voice.

Carol McKinley said...


Michael, LOL. I just learned this one today! I thought it was some kind of ritual because he made par.

Jerry - There's an 'end times' guy with the pins for me? PAM? BTW, I'm doing Atkins. I can't stay on it too long because of my cholesterol, but I really like it.


You are a piece of work.

Did you read what Fr. Corapi said? He again said he was innocent, the process is a joke and he refuses to sign away his right to sue the woman defaming him.

He's got a good case of post-traumatic stress going. I'm not making a judgment on the merits of his situation but I've seen very similar-type reactions in falsely accused priests almost across the board. Most of them have been at least able to at least hold onto what is left of their vocation but almost all of them drive the car to the cliff.

Get thyself to a confessor before your miasma consumes you. I'm not going to entertain your fetor at this site.

Anonymous said...


Father Corapi has saved more souls then you could ever dream of, including mine.


I guess I don't have to tell you, but the Mark shea’s, the Scalia’s, the Greg condra’s and the rest of the sordid bunch are stomping on Father Corapi's corpse. The atheists have nothing on these people.


Anonymous said...

"but he has really gone weird with his latest statement."

Why should Father Corapi ahve put up with there BS? I never ending 'investgation'. It's totally unfair what they are doing to him.


Carol McKinley said...

Jasper, I read Shea's remarks. It is sad to watch his intemperance gobbling up his credibility. I can only get through a few sentences of Scalia & Kandra's eructate.

The madness in the pews makes me weep. We now understand all too well why Christ sweat Blood in Gethsemene.

Jerry said...

Carol, you guessed it.

Hey, glad to hear about Atkins. It's good for you. BTW you probably don't need to go 100% no carbs unless you're 80 lb over -- no need to reply on that one! Again, cholesterol is a myth.

Carol McKinley said...

Jerry, I'd like to lose 20. Two weeks later I'm halfway there. I've cut bread and what thinking I was cutting carbs - I was shocked to find some of the carbs in healthy things like yogurt or even weight watchers deserts which are only 100 calories. I definitely need to watch my carbs in perpetuity - something I've never done before because weight watchers doesn't really focus on it. I must have been consuming 100 carbs a day just eating healthy things like apples, yogurt, nuts. Thanks for the tip!

Carol McKinley said...

p.s. - I'm trying to keep my carbs under 20-25 as recommended in the introduction. I'm always watching my weight - eat really healthy as a rule, fruits, veggies, all natural products, no processed or frozen foods - etc., but I do occasionally go on toots during Advent and Christmas and the last few years it's been tough getting these pounds off, even with weight watchers. I feel much better even with this 10 off. I love cheese, butter - which is something I have always avoided like the plague - so it's treat. It's not that much different from WW, but I do miss my fruit as I usually have an apple with a table spoon of peanutbutter for breakfast every day.

But, I'm rarely hungry or have cravings for chocolate. I'm going to read your link - but with a cholesterol of over 200, it's hard to swallow.

Jerry said...

Carol, If you're within 10 lb, you can have some fresh fruit, not canned, cooked, or juiced unless fresh-squeezed. The raw fruit won't spike your blood sugar, and that is the goal of Atkins - level blood sugar. It's the sugar swings followed by insulin that stresses the arteries.

My cholesterol is mid-200's, where it is in a normal healthy person. Under 200 is abnormal, no matter what the AMA and Pfizer say. Folks with higher cholesterol live longer, which has been scientifically proven over and over. The bottom line is, if you supplement Vitamin C, 1 - 2 grams a day, and keep your blood sugar nice and even keel, you'll never have to worry about heart disease or diabetes, regardless of cholesterol levels.

Jerry said...

Yogurt is great, but not the candy stuff. I have a cup of plain whole-milk yogurt every day, either Stoneyfield or Brown Cow (from Whole Foods). You can add fruit, but skip the added-syrup brands. The whole milk helps the good bacteria get all the way through the system. It has been shown in studies to significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Jack O'Malley said...


Shall I correct your dearth of ratiocination or merely your grammar?

Jerry, Carol,

No carbs? Arrrrgghhh. I love beer. Also wine. Never had a taste for the mountain dew though. BuĂ­ochas le Dia.

All this discussion of cholesterol is causing me heart palpitations. I don't even know what my cholesterol reading is. Maybe I died last week.

There used to be a beer only diet. Drink beer and avoid any solid foods. The thing of it was that if you followed it for two weeks you would pass out for a day or so at a time and avoid eating fatty foods. I tried it with Guinness. You don't want to know.

Jerry said...

Guinness. Yum.

If you want to know your cholesterol number, just buy some life insurance. Like you, I avoid my physician with extreme prejudice. One of two times I visited him in the last decade, they couldn't find my records. Now they call me on my birthday to remind me how old I am. I'm supposed to visit the guy with the scope to look up my assets. I expect Obama or the IRS will one day make it mandatory.

Anonymous said...

"Shall I correct your dearth of ratiocination or merely your grammar?"

Jack, let's stick with the dearth of ratiocination.

That is what Father Corapi did, public speaking and teaching, as he did with his cathecism conference. He was not a parish preist. It's not his fault that he was good at what he did. He called an ace an ace and a spade a spade.

He was the only preist that I know of who publicly warned us about voting for Obama. Now we have 2 more SCJ's to keep abortion rolling...

what kind of priest do you prefer Jack? Does a preist with a pair of balls intimidate you?


Anonymous said...

Or you can try making your own yogurt. It is actually very easy and extremely healthy. If you are interested, look into a Yogourmet yogurt maker. I'm no Suzy Homemaker but even I can do it.

My grandmother used to make it just using the light in her oven, but I need something foolproof so I opt for an actual yogurt maker. The kids love yogurt smoothies made with frozen berries, bananas, and honey.

Jerry said...

Bishop Gracida defends Fr. Corapi.

Thanks for the tip on homemade yogurt. I made my own years ago when my (little) kids would eat it. Now they'll only eat the candied stuff!

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to your take on Corapi's new identity - the non-disclosure agreement he made his employees sign - his civil lawsuit against the employee who made the accusation which is what is slowing down the canonical process...all of which The Black Sheep Dog misrepresents.

Anonymous said...

The prayer service at St. Cecilia's last night was lovely. True prayer, singing, a beautiful job preaching by the vice-chair of the parish council, lovely weather, and no disturbances by all of you crazy, mean people. The gay pride Mass is taking place in July and you all will just have to calm down and cope with it. The church is on the side of Fr Unni and the parish and I am certain thinks that many of you are little more than unhappy troublemakers. If you want a prayerful, well done liturgy, stop by St Cecilia's and see what you're missing.

Anonymous said...

"The gay pride Mass is taking place in July and you all will just have to calm down and cope with it. The church is on the side of Fr Unni and the parish"

You are certainly right Anon, the church has your back. You have won.


Carol McKinley said...

I suppose if you wanted to conflate Cardinal O'Malley and his wizards at with Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, you could have a nice delusion going for yourself.


Peter Meade Jr said...

Yesterday, Fr Unni was nowhere to
be seen.

Perhaps he is thinking of becoming
a bishop in the Episcopal Church.

And as for whatever service took place at that sparsely attending gathering yesterday it is well to
remember that Christ without the
crucifixtion is liberalism.

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to take seriously anything that "Peter Meade Jr" says? The service outside of St. Cecilia's was beautiful. There were more people in attendance than most Catholic parishes attract for a Sunday Mass. Were you there, "Peter?"

peter said...

As a matter of fact I was walking by.

I would never go to Mass there again. I saw Unni once come in the church incognito with his priestly dress in a travel bag. Got a bad vibe from him- a lack of sincerity me thought.

Fr Unni's absence Sunday was telling .

Passing by, I was reminded of Flannery Oconnor who described perfectly the emptiness of modernity and the the vacuity of those sad people surrounding me.

The wealthy elite assembled on the sidewalk Sunday was what she described as "The Church of Jesus Christ Without Jesus Christ where the lame don't walk, the blind don't see and the dead stay that way."

I went to St Francis Chapel where I
found hope with genuine men unafraid to preach the truth.

Carol McKinley said...

I don't have the kind of time to devote to a follow-up post to do it justice but I will.

I do want to say this to the poor lambs who are being hoodwinked by Fr. Unni:

What you don't realize is, you are being manipulated.

They are going to announce that this "special" 11:00 AM Mass is not just for gays and lesbians, it will welcome anyone in the community who wants to come to it.

Same as the 8:00 am Mass, the 6:00 pm Mass... and in fact any other Mass in any other Church in the diocese on any other day.

Get it? You've been had. LOL.

The good news is, in spite of what the Cardinal and his crew of rogues are doing to Christ's Church to grab the money out of your wallets, gays and lesbians are welcome at every Mass in every part of town.

Wanna hear a funny coinkydink?

Not too long ago on a golf course around these parts, what to wondering eyes appeared right before the 8th hole?

The Chancellor, Jim McDonough and Fr. Unni.

The fat lady hasn't sung yet on Fr. lUnni. Like everything else Cardinal O'Malley has done in his tenure, he's going to defend his apostate and corrupt friends until it gets ugly.

Game on.

Maria said...

Carol: I did not make my point as I would have like to concerning Fuller SJ. See this excerpt from his article entitled "Priests with AIDS":

" my estimation, many instances of AIDS among religious and priests in the United States are at least partly related to a history of inattention to psychosexual development in formation programs and to the strongly negative attitude of the church toward homosexuality. This has made it difficult, if not impossible, for many gay persons to feel confident and healthy about who they are, and even to accept the fact that they are homosexual. As J. A. Loftus, S.J., former director of the Southdown treatment center in Canada has described, some gay persons are so homophobic and afraid of being stigmatized that they are unable to acknowledge themselves as gay even though they may be engaging in frankly homosexual behavior (Clergy and Religious Exposed to AIDS, Emmanuel Convalescent Foundation, 1989). In addition to making it impossible for them to hear preventive messages directed toward the gay community, this is evidence of a pathological disconnection between self-identity and evident sexual orientation".

In his mind, homosexuality in our priests is a gift we fail to appreciate. If we weren't so judgmenttal, priests would be more open to acknowleding sex w/ other men. They would be more open to the use of protection while having sex with other men and thereby avert the contraction of AIDS.