Sunday, July 17, 2011

Comments and a Correction

I hate comment moderation. I hate the blog feature and I'm not a fan of moderating comments by telling people what to say and how to say it in the comment section. When people come along and hurl their invective or exhibit their propensity to bully and intimidate towards the Catholic faith and those who inherit it, we have some very talented, witty regulars who respond and entertain.

There are blogs out there that are gentle places for the repose of souls, some of them linked in my blogroll. TTC will never be one of them because it's a blog for warriors fighting off religious bigotry and scandal to souls inside and outside of the Catholic Church.

From time to time when we tackle subjects like Corapi, Euteneur or Unni it attracts people with deep-rooted psychological and spiritual problems. Sometimes it's worth defending our religion. When we've exhausted truth and reason and it starts to get ugly, I'll do what I can to hit the delete button.

In one of the threads on Fr. Corapi, Mark Shea was accused of being one of the posters that made you say 'wow, this is a lunatic' after experiencing their troubling behavior. I subsequently identified these posters as Jeanette O'Toole and Adele Darnowski. Mark corrected that allegation in an older thread and an apology was issued by the person who made the allegation. I thought it deserved a more prominent place for those who may have read it.

I apologize to anyone who was hurt or tripped up by my inability to be available to manage situations -- or worse, caused them myself.


Mark P. Shea said...

Thanks, Carol. No hard feelings. It's a pain moderating lots of comments and you have my sympathy.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Mark - and thanks to Joseph for apologizing.

Anonymous said...


You have just exposed yourself as being very uncharitable to two ladies you mentioned in this post. You did not have to compare anyone to a lunatic in order to make a correction. Whether you agree with them or not, that is highly unbecoming of someone with a Catholic blog. In my humble opinion, we need more people like those ladies, who are unafraid to unmask hypocritical priests, just as Our Lady of Good Success told Blessed Mother Mariana must be done. If that's lunacy, bring it on!

TTC said...

That all sounds lovely taken out of contexts but just so that we are clear, the two women committed offenses that could be prosecuted by the police. They are abusive. If they did it to me, they will and I am sure have and are doing it to others.

The cult menatality of making people feel guilty for reporting people who abuse others has gone the way of dinosaurs.

You do not know the facts and so your attempt to make publicly reporting abuse as some kind of scandal or lack of 'charity' does not fly.