Friday, July 15, 2011

Leiby, RIP

I've been wanting to post about Leiby's shocking kidnapping and murder, but the words have escaped me. I can't get it out of my heart and mind. Please remember the family in your prayers.

I was a helicopter parent, probably to the point of being absurd. I live in a quiet middle to upper income suburb but I wouldn't let my children walk 1/2 mile into the town center, even with a group of other children, until they were 13 - and there were no circumstances when I would let them walk alone. There is a bit of unworldiness, naivete and immaturity they need to catch up on in their later teens -- but staying vigilant in forming all of the gifts they need in this world will catch them up by 19 or so.

This is not to pass judgment on this grieving family - but to serve as a reminder that we can never be too careful in a world where everything has been made into virtues of nomatterwhatness.


Kelly said...

I know, Carol. That sweet little face is just heart breaking to see. When I was a single mom, the kids and I had to really scrape and sometimes they were home for brief periods of time without me. I can only thank the guardian angels. My heart breaks for this family. Prayers for them and the boy.

scotju said...

Some interesting information about Leiby and his muderer can be found at

Dymphna said...

My mother didn't let me go anywhere alone until I was 13. We lived in a rough neighborhood so nobody questioned it. Rest in peace Lieby and may God comfort his parents.