Sunday, July 24, 2011

Worthy is the Lamb

I don't know where Terry finds these things!

It's a little over the top for me but I smile when I see him dressed this way. No doubt, it is a level of respect and love I still haven't reach. It is such a revelation of his heart - worthy is the Lamb.

He is a corker and I absolutely love him.

The rumors in the mill circulating about Bishop Chaput's appointment to Philly are that it indicates some significant changes in who is guiding the counsel of the Pope on appointments. (You'll remember the Pope rejected the recommendation of the usual suspects.)

I hope it's true. I do pray he is our next Pope.


susan said...

"I hope it's true. I do pray he is our next Pope."

Amen sista! I've been praying this for a while now; though I do pray we get to keep our current Pope for a loooong, lucid time.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if His Eminence when removing his red cappa magna, says the appointed prayer which begins, "Undress me, O Lord, of the Old Man with his morals and activities."

Carol said...

I wouldn't mistake this man's respect for our heritage as a lack of humility.

Too much evidence of pastoral outreach for it to be of selfish origin.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the appointment of Chaput will filter down and I won't have to listen to an Indian priest tell me all about the Buddha and the heretical wisdom of Anthony DeMello SJ from the altar of God ,as I did today. Short shorts, secular music, women in pants and tennis shoes "leading us in prayer". Somebody,give me a cappa magna,PLEASE, lol!


Kelly said...

Yesterday after mass I was talking with the priest, with whom I trust, and also happens to also be my spiritual director; and he expressed great enthusiasm over Archbishop Chaput. I do hope and pray he brings help to us here in Philadelphia. I saw the interview with Raymond Arroyo, and I have to say, he seems like a godly man, he spoke in a loving, human way that his predecessor did not. The Capuchin community here must be excited as well!