Sunday, August 14, 2011

The 2012 Election for POTUS

Pawlenty is out. It's a bit early to throw in the towel but there it is.

Last I knew, candidates were busing in people to stack the Ames. It isn't very reliable.

I'm a-scaird.

Michele and Ron? Really?

I'd get behind Michele as she's on the team but is she electable? To be honest, I haven't really been paying that much attention. I'd vote for the Ron up against Barack Hussein but he's a little too Shirley McLaine for me.

At least these two are solidly pro-life.

Strange the flipflopper didn't participate. His previous strategy has been to bus 'em into Iowa and stack the poll. Enthusiasm among voters must be low.

There's no question in my mind that Rick Santorum is an authentic prolifer. But two problems. His discretion is (less than stellar), and I suspect the left will take quotes from his book to fearmonger. I also never got the feeling his personality was a winner among his peers in Washington. He's made an awful lot of enemies within our ranks (people who ordinarily get along with other people). It does not speak well of his leadership. If he can't pull our own team together, our bid for the White House is toast. I wouldn't rail against him if he were the nominee (as I would Romney) but I lack enthusiasm.

Rick Perry is courting the evangelicals. He's got his game on with them but will they use their political forces to elect him? When you scratch the surface,his policies and agenda aren't much different than Barack's. What's the attraction? Grassroot voters will scratch the surface and sooner or later, he'll go under the bus. He's not getting into the White House without the grassroots. What's the point?

We have a situation where the White House is the GOP's to lose and this is as good as it gets?

The defection of Obama's troops continues to be fascinating. He could go down as the most divisive President in the history of American politics. It should be an interesting week, as he is apparently going to come out swinging.

We'll see what he's got left. We'll see what the GOP has in their armory. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?


Maria said...

Carol: This election will be a fight for the soul of the country. Like you, I think,is this the best, but we shall see. Predictably, that they totally dismiss the fact that Bachman is the first Republican woman to win the Iowa primary. She held up extremely well and has composure.
You might be interested in Perry's record. Here is the precis for votes/stand on life:

Protect the unborn via sonogram requirement. (Feb 2011)

The right to privacy is fictitious. (Nov 2010)

Abortion only for rape, incest, or maternal health. (Jun 2002)

Supports prohibiting human embryonic stem cell research. (Aug 2010)

Opposes federal abortion funding. (Aug 2010)

It is going to be one heck of a campaign, regardless of who wins the brass ring, right?

You can get the rest of his record here @

Carol said...


Thanks for your thoughts. Other than a few clips, I have not watched Bachman. My hesitation is based upon the way this country treats women. It is really not fair. I need to check her out.

I was attracted to Perry at first but when I did more digging where the rubber meets the road, I found some things that put him in the forget him category. Websites with soundbytes are absolutely of no value to me. I'll have to dig it up and review again. I think he has the 'states rights' approach to protecting children from being executed legally. There's a reason why there needs to be federal protections against legally extinguishing the life of a living child and everyone knows it.

We don't allow states to take slaves. We don't allow states to kill based upon race, creed, religion, infirmity or disability.

I don't trust any politician who takes the position that violations of human rights should be taken up at the state level. If there was momentum to legally castrate men in politics, he'd be singing a different tune.

It's murder.

I'll do more diligence though. Thanks.

Maria said...

Carol: Just providing a link to his voting recors is all. I know next to nothing about him!

Carol said...

Thanks very much for the info and link. I am not happy about the forced Guardisil and Perry wouldn't be on my first round of choices but I do want to review. The protect the unborn via sonogram is huge but it concerns me that a lot of his prolife quotes/work is of recent vintage. I'll check it out. Let us know if you think I'm being hasty after you do you own diligence.

Maria said...

The guardsil is extremely troubling. Will do, my friend.