Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catholic Chatter about Rick Perry in 2012

Though I wasn't too crazy about Rick Perry's controversial invitation to Haggee, this was not a deal breaker for me.

I am not at all enamored with Perry's 'states rights' talk.

We've put a structure in place that trumps states rights when it's clear federal protection is necessary to protect life, dignity, a class of people and our culture.

But his talk about 'states rights' wasn't fatal. It is, after all, part of our Constitution. It can even be good strategy at some point in history while combating something egregious.

But sometimes a state or a group of states come up with ideas that need to be totally outlawed. Slavery, for instance. Denying people the right to vote based on color or gender. Denying them the right to bear arms. Denying them the right to drink alcohol. Denying them life.

Perry considers abortions a states rights issue.

Legalizing the killing of a class of people isn't a state's right. It's a human rights issue that needs to be taken up on the federal level and Constitutionally protected.

We refine our Constitution when things start going awry on the state level. That's the system we have in place.

When a politician uses states rights talk about abortion, I start to get a little skeptical. Actually, a lot skeptical. But again, it isn't a write-off.

As a Catholic, a mother and a woman, this was the deal breaker.

But if we force every daughter to get Gardasil, we have lost hope in the ability of our children to say no to hazardous premarital sex.

In effect, the very decision to give your daughter Gardasil tells your daughter: “I know you can’t say no.” This gives her the green light. She’ll think: “After all, Mom and Dad think I’m having sex anyway.”

But having the state mandate this is even worse. You establish a culture where young girls are resigned to becoming a sex object. It’s an assault on the dignity of young women.

Females are too stupid and nymphomaniac to waste any more of our energies aspiring to teach them the virtues of chastity and morality. He has given up the pursuit of teaching the culture the qualities of a decent, emotionally stable life partner. His cultural policies are driven to surrender to the hook up mentality.

IMO, Perry has some subterfuge that affects his respect for women and children and ultimately his discretion. Too much of the Kadashians going on there for me.

It would take a lot of convincing to get on board that machine.


Anonymous said...


You're right on the money as usual.

Rick Perry is on the bottom of the list for me for R candidates. I'll go Santorem/Bachmann.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, this is the fundamental problem with people who oppose abortion relying primarily on political, legislative or judicial means to eradicate the problem. Law can only legislate morality in a reactive fashion; laws against murder, rape and theft don't stop those crimes but merely impose legal consequences for such anti-social behavior.

As I've said before, the Church (and other churches) should get busy teaching young people the moral and ethical skills necessary to deal with raging, unpredictable hormones and to resist (alone, if necessary) the influence from culture and peers to sexualize them at an early age.

Perhaps more to the point, things will only change when abortion on demand is seen as an anti-social phenomenon rather than a personal perogative.

JBQ said...

Just a point of order. One strategy to overcome the federal mandate in favor of abortion is to go the states' rights route. Liberals have stacked the US legislature and it is felt that by parceling out the abortion issue, there is more of a chance to develop a federal mandate. It is sort of an end run around the Pelosi led pro abortion crowd who run the US Congress. You could then develop leverage. The current issue in place is very much on the radar of a 5-4 US Supreme Court with Elena Kagan potentially the next chief justice. Not saying that this is the best strategy.

breathnach said...

Perry is very dubious indeed.

Perry is a former Al Gore acolyte. He has accommodated Islamists who have a sharia agenda.