Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clockwork Orange in London

All this to revenge the death a no good drug dealing criminal?

Where are these people's parents?

The focus of Tuesday's violence was Manchester in northwest England, where police were driven back by gangs of hundreds of youths who covered their faces with scarves and ski masks.

Gangs smashed their way into shoe shops and electronics stores and set fire to a girls' clothing store in the city centre.

Two raiders smashed the glass entrance of the Arndale shopping centre, Manchester's main shopping mall, allowing hundreds of youths to pour into a shop and emerge with armfuls of clothes and shoes.

Assistant chief constable Garry Shewan of Greater Manchester Police, who joined the force after moving to the city in 1981, called the scenes "senseless violence and senseless criminality on a scale I have never witnessed before."

Glen Barkworth, general manager of the Arndale centre, told BBC TV he had seen two shops "both breached, looted and then torched. I've witnessed youths picking up gratings, throwing them through the doors of Footasylum (a shop) where 50 youths cascaded into the unit, looting.

Think we'll experience the anarchy of thugs and thieves in the US?

When Barack Hussein made all the commotion about the Cambridge police being called when people saw a man breaking into a house, it certainly added to my conviction he considers police and the our military power the boogiemen.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about anyone else here, but I am getting scared.


Maria said...

Veronica: I often have to remember
Kings 16:33--"These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world".

When I was in grad school twenty five years ago, I used to say --when everyone was heralding feminism (muself included) wait and see what happens when no one is home raising children. Well, here you go. I recently heard Huckabee say that 48% of all children in the US are now born to single mothers and 78% of all african am children are born to single parents. I suspect the stats are not markedly different in England. This is where contraception and co-habitation lead: immorality and lawlessness. Pope Paul VI is being vindicated every day.

Maria said...

Marriages in England and Wales, 2009

Key findings
• The provisional number of marriages in England and Wales in 2009 was 231,490, the lowest since 1895 when there were 228,204 marriages
• The provisional marriage rate fell in 2009 to 8.4 people marrying per thousand unmarried population aged 16 and over, from 8.7 in 2008 and 10.1 in 1999
• Civil ceremonies accounted for 67 per cent of all marriages which took place in 2009, an increase from 62 per cent in 1999


Intersting, huh?

Anonymous said...

Maria, God bless you!

Say some prayers for us - it is getting harder to make ends meet and there are no corners left to cut.

I keep telling myself that we have reaped what we have sown, especially my generation. Everything has a way of catching up with you in the end.


Maria said...

Veronica Oh, I know. I am unemployed right now. I will most certainly say a few Aves for you.

We are most definitely sowing what we have reaped. Was it Martin de Porres who said if it weren't for all the hundreds of thousdands of Masses that have neen said through out the world, we would have long ago been destroyed. I think it was he. Anyway, like Hardon said, only heroic Catholics will survive...

susan said...

This really is a Clockwork Orange....that movie should be REQUIRED watching for every citizen in this country. I saw it about 15 years ago and it scared the spit outta me then, but I thought, "gee that's terrifying fiction but it could NEVER happen in real life". ssssheeeyyyaa. I thought pretty much the same thing when I first read the Sodom and Gomorrah story (forgive me Lord!) It's happening all around us.
It is breathtaking the depth of depravity to which man can sink when he rejects God.
I keep looking hopefully up to the clouds....and all I see is clouds. sigh.

Anonymous said...

"Think we'll experience the anarchy of thugs and thieves in the US? "

Not in a red state, they'll get their asses blown off.


Maria said...

Susan:I remember seeing Clockwork Orange when it came out.I was in high school. Yes, I am OLD. I was literally sick to my stomach after I left the movie. Right you are, Susan, ao much of the horror we witness now, on an almost daily basis, is what happens when people do not know the love of God/

Jasper: LOL.

Jack O'Malley said...

I saw Clockwork Orange but I don't remember it. Something to do with too much weed and angel dust. Oh well.

I remember other stuff though. I wonder where she is now.

Carol said...

Jasper, Very funny!

Lynne said...

I hated that movie, too violent. I guess if it made a good point, I missed because I had my eyes covered. I live in a (red) state now where it's easy to get a concealed weapon permit and I've taken shooting lessons (more are needed lol). I'm with Jasper!

Anonymous said...

"Maria said...
Veronica Oh, I know. I am unemployed right now."

Gotta say, not exactly shocked by this one.