Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Did Cardinal O'Malley BULLDOZE Cardinal O'Connell's Grave?

I assume TTC readers have already been over to BCI and seen the pictures of the demolition of the Chapel that housed the body of Cardinal O'Connell?

Are these people serious?

This is absolutely macabre.

It looks like the dirty scoundrels drove the bulldozer in from Commonwealth Avenue and went full speed ahead at the Chapel with the pedal to the metal.

We're in the process of finding out whether there were relics in the Altar that are lying somewhere in a gutter with the broken angels and cross.

Isn't this kind of disrespect to grave sites criminal?

The problem with the Cardinal is that he thinks everything he has dominion over belongs to him. It doesn't. He is a custodian who is charged with the preservation of the inheritance of Roman Catholics, including those who are yet to be born.

I hope the family was present and accounted for to make sure they actually moved the body. I wouldn't trust them for a nanosecond. They have a history of paving over graves when enough time has passed that the relatives of the relatives of the dead are dead themselves. Another time it was disclosed that the archdiocese was taking people out of their caskets and throwing them in the hole without it so they didn't have to do the work it takes to dig down the 12 feet.

We are dealing with the soulless.

What a crew of ghouls.


Anonymous said...

An enemy hath done this.

I am sick. There is nothing sadder than a demolished chapel lying in ruins on the ground.

Couldn't they have saved the altar and statues? Are they filled with that much hatred?

All for the sake of filthy lucre.


Anonymous said...

Carol, check your spam filter. It ate up my comment again.


P.S. The destruction of the statues was a mistake? Right.

Anonymous said...

By the way Carol, do you have any idea why my comments are going into your spam filter?


Anonymous said...

Jack Connors has fundraising to do for Obama, he can't be worrying about this petty stuff...