Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is Why I Can't Drum Up Respect for SNAP

They don't know when to stop.


Anonymous said...

I read in the Catholic New York recently that an 87 (yes, that's right, 87!!) year old priest has been suspended and not permitted to function as a priest because a 16 year old girl accused him of "inappropriately" touching her. The priest has absolutely no history of such activity.

This has gotten out of hand. Meanwhile, the ones that are "doing it" are left free to wreak havoc and misery.


breathnach said...

SNAP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the geriatric dissident "catholycs" seeking to create an "American Catholic Lite Church".

Their activism around the priest abuse crisis is opportunistic and agenda driven. They are applying Saul Alinsky Leftist tactics to the RC Church.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to think that SNAP's sole purpose is to destroy the priesthood so they can install their own version of it, which would, of course, include women.

Too bad we didn't go after heretics in the Church with the same ferocity.


Anonymous said...

My priest (who passed away last year) was suspended for 2 years because somebody said he 'touched them the wrong way'.

no respect for snap.


Anonymous said...

Please pray for that 87 yr. old priest mentioned in the first comment. And for the police to parade him out of the rectory in handcuffs was ridiculous! I doubt that he would have put up a fight. That 16 yr. old girl must be under the guidance of SNAP. She said the priest touched her inappropriately, not one, not two, but three days in a row, and she kept returning to work? Please! Somebody saw an opportunity to get some big bucks from the CAtholic Church yet again! It will never end - thanks to the Dallas Charter!

Anonymous said...

Bill Donohue was on Raymond Arroyo's "The World Over" last night on EWtn.

He *really* hammered SNAP.

If you can catch the re-air - it is worth watching.

(check their Television section on their website - then click on YouTube - it shouul dbe uploaded sometime today)

Catechist Kevin

Anonymous said...

If an accuser is over 18 why aren't they named? Why isn't someone demanding a list of these false accusers? Come ON!!! Enough is enough, they should be known.

kd said...

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