Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bishop Zurek Places Fr. Pavone On Leave

My first thought was that the Bishop could be a little skittish in light of Fr. Euteneuer and and Corapi and was perhaps being cautious, making sure everything is on the up and up. But then I read this public statement and I just can't get the stink of skullduggery out of my nose.

Just imagine yourself as a parent having a fracus with one of your grown children and prematurely putting out a character assassination statement filled with evidence of your inability to control your emotion.

Not when you have both oars in the water.

The reader's digest is, the Bishop accuses Fr. Pavone of thinking he's all that and the Bishop feels the need to bust up an effective prolife ministry, right before a presidential election, so he can feel as though he has control of Fr. Pavone. Of course, he wants everyone to withhold donations to Priests for Life. It strikes me as odd that the Bishop, standing there with his miter and crozier, crybabying about about somebody else's ambition.

Oddly enough, I did a quick search on the Bishop and abortion and I can't find anything he's ever said or done to protect the unborn - though admittedly, it was a quick search. More diligence later.

I've met Fr. Pavone. The Bishop's description of him is completely out of character with my experience. He was generous of his spirit, time and money.

Fr. Pavone categorically denies any financial impropriety - and explains his board of directors has numerous bishops on it who oversee the finances--and has appealed to Rome.

How timely that Mark Shea and others have signed onto ceasing and desisting from ridiculing their fellow Catholics. Their vitriol in situations like this will not be missed.


Anonymous said...

"How timely that Mark Shea and others have signed onto ceasing and desisting from ridiculing their fellow Catholics."

They must foaming at the mouth though, just itching to attack another pro-lifer.


Daniel Cassidy said...

I would suggest that Catholics in the Diocese of Amarillo withhold contributions to the Diocese and their local parishes until Father Pavone's appeal is addressed.

Let's not forget that only 2 to 3% of all priests were ever accused of sexual molestation, but the majority of the American bishops were engaged in immoral and in some cases criminal coverups.

If this is another situation like the one Mother Angelica faced, with a bishop trying to get his hands on money he did not raise and that was not intended for him, we should all appeal to Rome and insist that they clean up the filth in the American episcopacy.

Carol said...

Daniel, I don't know anyone who is loyal to the magisterium who is rational and sane that is still giving money to Bishops but if there is anyone left, I second your motion.

If I suspected financial impropriety, I would investigate before I sent out what could potentially be a slanderous letter, wouldn't you?

Jasper, I doubt they will hold to it!

Anonymous said...

But then check out the fundraising letter the PFL peole sent out TODAY.


Asking for over 600K to present to Father P at his 20th anniversary Mass.


I think there are legitimate questions to be raised about the Missionaries for Life stuff too. They were going to built this big seminary campus for the new priestly society - raised a lot of money for it - then oops - no more priestly society. Only a lay association.

But the bishop's letter was bad. Of course it was written to other bishops not the general public. Someone leaked it.


Carol said...


Interesting...but I see it a bit differently.

Ministries like this run on a couple of million a year. 600 grand is a fraction of fundraising goals. They're not raising to give him a half million personally--it is for Priests for Life.

I hate to say it, but if I were running the zoo and this nastygram crossed my desk today, I would double up on my fundraising effors too.

I was glad to see them keep on going. For the first time ever, I'm going to squirrel away a few dollars and make a donation.

timh said...

you have seen this, right?

from Jill Stanek. She quotes an anonymous source that puts Bishop Zurek in a bad light:

"Fr. Pavone’s ministry necessarily conflicts with church hierarchy, because they understandably want to control the message on the Life issue. This is not wrong or a bad thing, but lay Catholics view bishops as weak on the Life issue, not strong enough. Then, in steps Fr. Pavone, and there is a power struggle. This scuffle is definitely a manifestation of that struggle.

It’s not that Fr. Pavone wants to take over the church. It’s simply that he wants to end abortion,. That is his sole desire. Everybody who knows him knows this is true.

Have you seen his bedroom? It’s the size of a bathroom. There’s a bed, and there’s a closet, and that’s it. Father Pavone does not live in a mansion and he does not ride a Harley-Davidson. His favorite restaurant is McDonald’s, for crying out loud.

I saw this story and was so angry. It is ridiculous. If there is a real charge, then prove it. Don’t give me this mealy mouthed, “I’m very concerned where all this money is going to.” I know for a fact the opposite is the case. I thnk the blowback from lay people is going to be severe. I think the bishops are going to find that out."

Carol said...


I didn't see Jill's piece - thanks for sharing it.

Zurek is concerned about where the money is going...from the den of thieves and butchers in the USCCB...that takes first place blue ribbon for duplicity.

susan said...

Looks like Fr. Frank hasn't been pushing enough money ACORN's way. What a travesty...there has been no greater friend to the unborn, and no one more greatly feared and despised by the pro-aborts than Frank Pavone. He really has selflessly 'poured himself out' for Christ and His littlest innocents for YEARS.

Isn't it funny...seems like many of the great religious Saints have gone through similar periods of suppression and persecution. Think these bishops would remember the abmonition to not muzzle an ox while its trampling out the grain?

susan said...



satan has no creative temptations; he just keeps rehashing the old ones.

Anonymous said...

Timh answered the question I was going to raise. (thanks tim)

Could it be that the seemless garment/more-than-one-issue/abortion-is-not-the-only- issue type bishops (and those who support them: i.e. "progressive" Catholics) are putting pressure on Bishop Zurek?

Okay, we have had quite a bad run of priests who spoke the truth - and have fallen in their personal lives (some who were regulars on EWTN) - but, something seems a tad off on this one.

This situation seems to have a parallel of the Cdl. Mahony vs. Mother Angelica situation back in the late 90s.

Praying for all innvolved in this.

Catechist Kevin

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed, benedict.xvi@vatican.va
the following:

Dear Pope Benedict,

I am deeply disappointed that Bishop Zurek of Amarillo, Texas, has ordered Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life, to return to the diocese of Amarillo and remain there. Stopping this necessary and vital pro-life work is a black mark for our Catholic Church in America.

Please issue a statement immediately affirming that canon law of the Catholic Church, because Fr. Pavone has begun a process of appeal to the Vatican, the Bishop’s order that he return to Amarillo has been effectively suspended. Any delay damages respect for our Catholic Church.

May the Holy Spirit guide you!

Please e-mail Pope Benedict:

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

"How timely that Mark Shea and others have signed onto ceasing and desisting from ridiculing their fellow Catholics."

Not really. Here's what The Illustrious Mr. Shea said to a conservative Catholic friend of mine after criticizing the Church's revisionist policy on capital punishment.

Gotta love the hypocrisy. Shorter: "You foolish Protestant, you don't have our awesome superior Magisterium--which I ignore when it teaches about the death penalty."

Translation: I don't accept the teaching of the Magisterium.

The task of the Magisterium is to develop as well as conserve the Tradition. The Magisterial develop regarding the death penalty does that, just as the magisterial development regarding slavery (long a permitted evil in the Christian world, not categorically rejected) does. You don't submit to the Magisterium. Just the bits you like. Welcome to Protestantism.

Sorry, but when all your do is repeat statements, insult those who disagree and use the term "Protestant" as a pejorative, you are "ridiculing fellow Catholics."

Shea is not an apologist. He is a parrot. He is also a bully...as is anybody who tries to intimidate others into believing as they do, especially if the belief in question has nothing substantial behind it.

Anonymous said...

AH! Is it politically motivated due to the election or is it that the Bishops are still fighting to control EWTN? No matter how you slice it the Bishops are behind it & it ain't good. I've met Fr. Pavone too, he's the most humble Priest out there. The website priestsfor life have now posted their financials & audits, the devil is not going to stop - This being the month of St Michael I'm sure he's at full rage!

Independent Auditors Issue Unqualified Audit Opinion for Priests for Life
On June 20, 2011, Priests for Life received the results of its independent audit examination for the year ended December 31, 2010. The organization's auditors issued an unqualified audit opinion indicating that the financial statements "present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Priests for Life, in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America". This marks the tenth consecutive year that the organization's auditors have provided a 'clean' audit opinion, when reporting on the respective year's financial statements.

"We are very pleased that our auditors have once again given us a clean bill of health. The audit examination did not result in any significant adjustments; nor did it disclose any material weaknesses in our system of internal controls", indicated Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of the organization.

Liam said...

Ed Peter's initial take:


Carol said...

I agree with Peter's canonical observations. Maiking a vow in a service in front of a Cardinal does not make a prelature.

A few things I would add to his opinion...

Unless I am missing something, I didn't see any observations about the Bishop's clever implication that Fr.Pavone was a thief, along with other slanderous and immature character assasinations.

I would also say that when a priest is miserable, a good shepherd does let him excardinate. He tries other things of course before he let's him do it, but eventually, he does.

It is true Rome will be reluctant to interfere in the Bishop's power grab, but because of the corruption of American Bishops at large, and the scandal this potentially will create, they may step up to the plate and mediate. The undertow at the Holy See is changing from estrogen to testosterone. Little by little, we will see the changes we have needed for 40 years and in the meantime, there is potential for mediation...

Carol said...

Also, has anyone been tuning into EWTN?

I would be interested to hear whether daffy theology has or is working its way in...

susan said...

What a surprise; Kandra's started sowing the seeds of suspicion and inuendo...

I'm taking bets on how long it'll take for Shea, Scalia et al to start a pig-pile. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

"I would be interested to hear whether daffy theology has or is working its way in...'

Hi Carol,

I haven't watched EWTN in the past week or so, but usualy they're pretty solid. The preist that run their masses (celebrants?) are usually good, no nonsense. Then they have Raymond Arroyo who does the news, he is very good.


Maria said...

Susan--I call these "blogger drive bys". Just as you said, Scalia, Kandra, Shea --it is their favorite sport.

Gerry said...

Since 2001, the US bishops report to an American Magisterium comprised of legal and insurance consultants. Their number one concern is avoiding SCANDAL, which means uncontested settlements. By turning the pro-life movement into a fraud, Bishop Zurek is now on Planned Parenthood's list of leading progressives in the Catholic Church.

Vero said...

Shall we say some nasty pro-abort politicians have Bishop Zurek in their pockets? He is obviously attempting to slaughter PFL. Does he realize that by doing so the entire Pro-Life movement here in the US of A is affected? What about the babie that need to be saved? Bishop Zurek I hope you can read this right now: Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people: neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy neighbour: I am the Lord.
Leviticus 19:16 “The words of a talebearer are as wounds” Proverbs 26:22 “He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends.” Proverbs 17:9 “Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out; so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.” Proverbs 26:20 We pray that Bishop Zurek remember he’s a Bishop and a sheperd. He wasn't called to be a slanderer. We pray that Fr. Frank's voice for the unborn be even STRONGER!!!With that said ISUPPORTFATHERFRANK.COM