Saturday, September 10, 2011

addendum: from the Pope on Sunday, September 11th.

Pope Benedict concluded : "A Eucharistic spirituality, then, is the real antidote to the individualism and selfishness that often characterize daily life, it leads to the rediscovery of gratuity, of the centrality of relationships, starting from the family, with particular attention to healing the wounds of those that are broken. A Eucharistic spirituality is the soul of a church community that goes beyond divisions and conflicts and promotes the diversity of charisms and ministries by placing them in the service of the unity of the Church, its vitality and its mission. Eucharistic spirituality is a way to restore dignity to man’s everyday life and therefore to his work, in the search to reconcile it with times of celebration and family life and with a commitment to overcome the insecurity and uncertainty of the unemployment problem. A Eucharistic spirituality will also help us to draw close to the different forms of human frailty aware that they do not overshadow the value of the person, but require closeness, welcome and help. A renewed educational vitality can draw force from the Bread of life, attentive to witness the fundamental values ​​of existence, of knowledge, of our spiritual and cultural heritage, its vitality will help us live in the city of mankind with the willingness to spend ourselves for the horizon of the common good to build a more just and fraternal world ".


shadowlands said...

You have featured yourself in this untitled post/video, as a calm ladylike woman speaking gently to people, when in fact, you yourself came out with the most disgusting, satanic suggestion re receiving Christ Jesus I have ever ever heard from a trad Catholic to date. How does your mind and soul, in it's elevated state regarding the eucharistic even allow such a thought in, let alone type it out and post it? I believe Terry had to remove it. I do hope so. No-one called you drunk, that was a misunderstanding, explained and apologised for. You only tell half a story, truth mixed with error is not truth. This video is to do with you, winning an argument, not Christ Jesus, deserving better respect.

Carol said...

Here's one of the Mother Teresa's now.

Greetings in Christ! I can't tell you how refreshing it is for my readers here at the Tenth Crusade to be treated to one of the gentle, meek ladies of grace and kindness who do not impute malicious motives or read into souls.

Say, how's your blog on how Catholics come across to y'all Protestants?

As an aside to readers who by the Grace of God did not read the thread, who am I to accuse Shadowlands of mischaracterizing people and what was what Shadowlands is referring to was a comment I made to an individual making the claim the trivial nature of grinding Christ into shoes pales in comparison to the awkwardness of sticking out his tongue, his perceptions of the people who do it as being motivated by trying to make fellow Catholics feel spiritually superior and holier - when the reality is, Catholics can take the Eucharist in any posture, including feet so long as he was reverent.

After a lively discussion about the salvific nature of every drop of Christ's Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity whereupon he trivialized what is happening to Christ and as I understood him, his focus during the reception is all about him, I tried to explain how he was coming across to Catholics with an intimate devotion to the Eucharist.

What I said was there wasn't a dimes worth of difference between what he was saying and suggesting he could bend over and take Christ in his butt cheeks so long he had a pious look on his face.

I believe its fair to say the folks grinding Christ into the dirt, gum, dog pooh and urine on their shoes, with reverence, objected to my characterization. Nonetheless, I stand by it.

In the end, we will have to agree to disagree about what was disgusting and 'satanic'.

For the record, the video is about the absurdity of what people with an intensive love and devotion to the Eucharist receive when trying to elevate the nature of what is happening to Christ from those who believe our concerns to be likened with women wearing pants and dancing.

I absolutely, one hundred percent, give you and others at Abbey Roads any victory over 'an argument', as I retreated from it to leave you in your charity - so long as that victory excludes the truthful and factual merits of the sacrilege to Christ.

Prayers for you and yours.

Carol said...


Perhaps you would consider a guest writer to speak about how Protestants come across to Catholics rebut your characterizations of how Catholics come across to Protestants?

Oh wait...nevermind. I don't think anyone I know would match your humility in taking on the wonderful works of healing those wounds of division.

shadowlands said...

"I can't tell you how refreshing it is for my readers here at the Tenth Crusade to be treated to one of the gentle, meek ladies of grace and kindness who do not impute malicious motives or read into souls."

Well, I can see it will be a refreshing change for them, as I am afraid that you only think that you are those things, I don't. I would imagine you mainly host 'yes ma'am' commenters here. When was the last time someone disagreed with you and you were in the wrong, and they weren't just mistaken?

However, I must say, I am pleased that you have been honest about what it in your own words was that I personally found so insulting to Jesus. Thank you for that. Also for not removing my comment instantly which also happens on some blogs where there is disagreement.

I do not think anybody has won the argument over at Abbey Roads, because Christ was not honoured at the end of it, in fact Terry had to shut comments down for a while.

Thank you for enquiring into my proddy perspective project. It's going quite well. I do love a good praise and worship tune and reading scripture so I am able to indulge in those, although I would not be able to leave the Church completely, because of the Mass. Fellowship wise, I'm a Baptist at heart, I reckon. I find the fellowship amongst Catholics, on blogger anyway, somewhat disunified, er you all seem to dislike each other and me, intensely. I feel less alone when meditating on the first sorrowful mystery. Lets just hope Our Lord doesn't feel the same, in your companies.

I don't think Jesus minds me admitting that! Liking Bapist fellowship, I mean. He was quite fond of the odd Baptist Himself, I seem to recall!

Oh, they bake mean pies too!

God bless you 2

"Perhaps you would consider a guest writer to speak about how Protestants come across to Catholics rebut your characterizations of how Catholics come across to Protestants?"

As long as it's not you Carol. No love. Proddy's like to see a bit of love, they use it as evidence, you see.

susan said...

Carol, you TRULY ARE Peerless!

This was like watching the little girl from "the Bad Seed" debate Chesterton....I kept waiting for "shadowlands" to blurt out,
"I know you are, but what an big poopyhead!"

susan said...

"....but what AM I..."

laughing too hard to see the keyboard.

Carol said...

Laughing at ourselves sure beats moping around or getting sucked back into the vortex of sin, doesn't it?

We are quite a bunch!

Lynne said...

Love this!

susan said...

Carol, Wish you were down in these parts today; the Institute of Catholic Culture had an excellent talk last night by a former Anglican priest/now Catholic priest on the Lambeth Conference...He will be saying Mass in the Anglican Use Rite at an area church this evening, and all are invited...I can't wait! Bet NO ONE will even try to receive Jesus in the hand (let alone with their feet!)...and if they did, they wouldn't be allowed to receive. Looks like the High Anglicans kept a healthy respect and reverence for Our Lord in the Eucharist (even when they didn't have Him there!!!)...glad they're coming home and teaching their spoiled brothers and sisters something about awe before Our Lord.

Keep up the good fight my sister...contend for the Faith. They'll hate you for it; scream and caterwaul aginst you; but in suffering the arrows, your witness WILL bear much good fruit.

God bless you!...and to all; a blessed and reflective September 11th to you...pray for peace, TRUE peace...within and without.

Carol said...


No actually, I don't see. But I suppose I will put that in the treasure chest of dumfounded in the experience, along with referring to the devil as the thief who doesn't steal what isn't there, etc.

Yes, you are absolutely right - this is my space where I am accumulating people to venerate me. I'm sure too, as you say, that Christ feels quite alone when we are in His Presence hating everyone.

I am comforted by the thought that you alone are there to bring Him comfort in His sorrowful passion. Please remember those of us who are in anguish over carrying Him out with the shit on our shoes when those in front of us drop him on the ground while they wait for the Bishops to tell them to stop.

"Perhaps you would consider a guest writer to speak about how Protestants come across to Catholics rebut your characterizations of how Catholics come across to Protestants?"

>As long as it's not you Carol. No love. Proddy's like to see a bit of love, they use it as evidence, you see. >

If my recollection serves me well, it was you who lovingly described another commenter with the vulgarity of 'tit', was it not?

If you do find a Catholic willing to join your project, maybe instead of "Are you Drunk", you could call it "Tits for Tat?"

Carol said...


There is one thing we can take to the bank. If I ever see anyone trying to take Christ with his or her 'feet' with 'reverence' there's going to be a lot of commotion in the Sanctuary as I drag them out by the head of their hair.

Looking forward to our little visit.

Carol said... not waste a moment worrying about my feeling arrows. This wretched soul is indeed at peace, and in love.

Karen said...


So much for not going over to Abbey Roads...for today, we'll just consider this the East Coast version!

Carol said...


I was just all too silly not to entertain ourselves with just a wee bit more.

shadowlands said...

A daft tit is a northern English type phrase used in similar meeaing to say a 'daft head' or a 'silly billy' ( but a really silly billy)'perhaps. You keep referring to the phrase "Are you drunk" as if someone has said that to you. No-one did. you were asked if you were leaving your drink, or had finished it. No-one even mentioned alcohol. It was part of the ongoing theme of Terry's blog combox being a bar, a longstanding joke between the customers, I mean commenters, which was explained to you, in another comment, also an apology was given for any misunderstanding, which you also know. You give a one sided story again.

Why do you keep trying to come across as the martyred saint in all of this?

You yourself have an absolutely foul mind and mouth, I wish you wouldn't keep using really vile words alongside the mention of the Blessed Sacrament, I know you won't hear that from me but one of your friends should tell you, if any of them are true friends and not just scared of your eruptions, which you then accuse others of.

As for you threatening to grab people by the hair out of Mass, do you ever close your eyes and keep your mind on Christ during Mass, or like a lot of 'chosen few' catholics, do you just stare at everybody in church, watching for liturgical slip ups and note or record for future public condemnation, from your pulpit, sorry blog?`

I can't believe that you started a youtube channel just to make that video. Incredible.

Carol said...

Ah-huh! Now I get it.

What a silly billy I am to have understood your reference to a blogotheme of sitting around in a barroom on a stool calling people daft was your effort to convince others that what I was saying was daft because I was drinking booze.

Silly willy billy me.

Please accept my apology.

Kelly said...

Just to throw in a teeny fact, though it may characterize me as a "worshipper"...I have seen Carol vilely attacked here in her com box, and she rarely, if ever, deletes comments. I also have seen her apologize and say she was wrong.

(my verification words is "ovens" --and I dearly hope, if it signifies anything, it is that we are experiencing the ovens of purification, and not the Other Kind).

Carol said...


I have a feeling this silly billy shall be making more videos in the future and so I made the youtube channel.

I believe, in the course in the conversation, when Mercury was explaining how he watches those of us who take Communion on our tongue and imputing motives, I was shocked. I went on to describe how deeply I am immersed in prayer from the Passion to the Resurrection. But every Catholic in Christendom is aware of the problem with Communion in the hand as a general principle of being educated on what is going on.
Further, somebody considering laying down in the sanctuary to take the Eucharist with his feet would make enough commotion for everyone to notice.

When somebody holds up the sacrilege and vulgarity being discussed, the party pointing it out is not the party of the first part. They are simply giving a replay of how you are coming across.

Carol said...

Kelly! my dear girl! Gird your loins and duck!

Just before Christians were devoured in the Colosseum, they would draw a fish with their feet to signify to other victims that they too were Christian.


Seriously, thank you for stepping forward and saying meant a great deal to me.

Carol said...

ps - speaking of purification...I have a post coming today to tune into....

shadowlands said...


I don't know where you get the term worshipper from?

I can only go by what I have experienced. I have positvely noted that Carol leaves comments up and said thank you, in a previous comment. As for apologies, I only see me having offered any of those for misunderstandings.

The crazy thing Carol, is that me asking for your drink was actually a joke against myself, to do with a drink issue I have (hopefully in the past), that regulars at Terry's would know about. As you were leaving (or said you were) I didn't think you would even see the comment. However, I apologised because you obviously did see it imagined I was implyimg you were drinking or drunk, which to be frank, would be a bit like the pot calling kettle black, for me to accuse anyone of that!! Oh no! SEriously, the word verification is 'sparebar'!
I hope it's the Holy Spirit trying to get us to stop fighting! And start smiling!

Carol said...

But I never "said I was leaving". Because I did not want Terry to be hurt. I just did it without fanfare. Unless you are omnipotent, you knew or should have known that comment would be read.

Your explanation does not gel in light of the impression of hostility, booze and daffiness, the reader is left with by your comment.

Far be it from me to suggest to you of how that conversation was perceived by those of us with an intimate devotion to the Eucharist which I stand by, not for me, but for Our Blessed Lord.

Worthy is the Lamb.

Kelly said...

Yes, I did use a different word. Shadow said "yes, ma'am," and Carol said "venerate." I was merely characterizing, not attempting to zing anybody.

shadowlands said...

Carol, you mentioned having to cook or have some things to see to. Why else would I think you were leaving your drink behind? Anyway, look on it as you will. I have said my reasons and also sorry, there ain't no more I can do.

I have had an email from a blog friend suggesting I don't comment here anymore, on this post, as it is doing no good other than fuelling minds to comment back and forth, to little glory to God.

So, I will go and you can all help yourselves to my drink!! It's a large orange juice, just for today!!

Peace to all.

PS, If you make another film about me, can I get to play just the one part? Not three of us mingled? Pick a better looking computer model as well. I look almost bald in that movie!

susan said...

shadow...for God's sake, literally, for GOD'S sake, give it a rest brother. It's Sunday...leave Carol and the good people here in peace. You're really sounding unhinged.

Carol said...

I won't try to explain it to you again in detail but suffice it to say that the video is about a much bigger picture than 'you'.

Though I disagree with your virtual friend as to what gives glory to God, he or she has offered you some savvy advice.

Prayers for all.

shadowlands said...

Susan, who posted the video, quoting(mis) from the original conversaion? Tell them to give it a rest, sister! And you get yourself off line.

susan said...


susan said...

Carol said...

Say, I see an empty bar stool at Terry's! As my grandmother used to say to a...Here's your hat, what's your hurry!

Maria said...



"It is better for a man to be silent and be [a Christian], than to talk and not to be one".

Better my silence...

Anonymous said...

a calm ladylike woman speaking gently

A manifesto of love:

you... disgusting, satanic
...a trad Catholic
...This.. is to do with you, winning an argument, not Christ Jesus
I can see...I would imagine you mainly host 'yes ma'am' commenters
... I find the fellowship amongst Catholics..disunified all seem to dislike each other
...and me, intensely.
...I feel less alone when meditating on the first sorrowful mystery...
... Lets just hope Our Lord doesn't feel the same, in your companies.
... As long as it's not you Carol...
..No love...
...Proddy's like to see a bit of love...
...they use it as evidence, you see.
...daft head were asked if you were leaving your drink, or had finished it... It was part of the ongoing theme of Terry's blog combox being a bar...
...You yourself have an absolutely foul mind and mouth... you ever close your eyes and keep your mind on Christ during Mass..
... or like a lot of 'chosen few' catholics...
... do you just stare at everybody in church, watching for liturgical slip ups and note or record for future public condemnation...
...from your pulpit, sorry blog...
...And you get yourself off line..

Perhaps it would help if Carol told us what religion she is? Do you have a catechism you can refer us to Carol, re receiving Holy Comunion and other beliefs you seem to quote as established doctrine, known to only the enlightened and reformed Catholic(according to your definition of same)?
...Compelled by whom, Carol? Can you give even a scriptural authority for this compulsion (as most decent protestants normally do)...
you big brave anonymous, tit, you....
...You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Insulting people, mischaracterizing their words, and making insinuations... I thank God I never encountered anyone like "susan" on mine

Carol said...

Ouch. I will say one thing I agree with Catholics are a crowd where one has to choose your friends wisely as the serpent strikes at the heels. (no pun intended!)

I did not realize that articulating one of the different charisms of people in the Church would set off such wrath. I just expected it to be understood. Nothing really to be jealous about or have anxiety about. Maria has a devotion to Hardon. My friend has more a devotion to the Mass than I do, etc. The panties (and psyches) that got into a twist came as a surprise among a crowd of Catholics I expected were knowledgeable.

BTW - The reason I asked Shadowlands to mosey on down the road was to mitigate temptation - so let's all cooperate with it.

breathnach said...

Carol, I think you make a wonderful and loving computer generated Catholic apologist.

Carol said...

Thanks Breathnach!

susan said...

Carol, I gotta say, I just rewatched that video, and it is one of the single BEST things I’ve ever seen (particularly knowing the background)….I couldn’t catch my breath for ten minutes I was laughing so hard. It NEEDS to go viral. It is an apologetic work of magnificence…really…I tip my hat, and will be sending this out en masse...the point is spot on.

Anonymous said...

As reported by Fr. George Rutler in his Good Friday sermon at St. Agnes Church, New York in 1989, when Mother Teresa of Calcutta was asked by Fr. Rutler, "What do you think is the worst problem in the world today?" She more than anyone could name any number of candidates: famine, plague, disease, the breakdown of the family, rebellion against God, the corruption of the media, world debt, nuclear threat and so on. "Without pausing a second she said, 'Wherever I go in the whole world, the thing that makes me the saddest is watching people receive Communion in the hand.'"

Mercury said...

Carol, if you accused me of twisting your words, maybe I did. But you are certainly twisting mine - I never meant to imply any of the things you keep saying.

Please remove this video, or at least remove the references to the things I said.

I apologized to you already, and I already said I wouldn't receive in the hand anymore out of fear of going to hell. Now I have to struggle with whether or not I need to tell my family members that they are also in grave danger of hell. I am very weak - please do not twist my words.

Carol said...

The video is a composite of the many things said and implied and ridiculed by several people in response to advising about what the Eucharistic spirituality can see happening to Christ, what the ramifications are spiritually. You keep bringing the conversation back to being about what you see and feel as you do it.

I went above and beyond the call of duty to disclose what is happening to Christ. The video is an accurate representation of the response from people who do not want to see beyond the end of their nose. I am moving on.

Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

On the National News this morning it was reported scientists have discovered feces on doormats used at peoples homes.

This feces is carried on the shoes of those that enter and exit their homes.

It was suggested people wash their doormats regularly, which leads to the question:

"Do I trample the Body of Christ with my shoes that have all manner of filth on their soles when we receive in the hand?"


Carol said...

We do. That's what makes it so offensive.

Like smokers who will walk in front of you and blow second hand smoke into your lungs... Precious particles of Christ dropped by people who take Communion in the hand puts us into the position of walking all over Christ...