Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It took me a hundred years to figure out I can’t change the world. I can only change Bessie.
And, honey, that ain’t easy, either. Elizabeth “Bessie” Delany 102


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're still off the deep end. Just came from my church with a speaker on examining one's conscience. Michael Hartwig Ph. D in Religious Ethics. It was a snoozer, but a fellow parishioner is convinced he is a former paster and is a pillow bitter who lives with his 'companion'. Do you know of this guy?


Carol said...

We never did get that golf game together, did we. Maybe a nice 9 this Fall before the really cold weather sets in you'll give me a chance to kick your butt on the course? Not Pembroke though. We'll find another.

Michael Hartwig? LOL.


Albertus Magnus Settles With Professor
Albertus Magnus College settled a lawsuit brought by former professor Michael Hartwig, who sued the Roman Catholic institution after it dismissed him in 1997. Hartwig contended that the college fired him because he is gay and he openly disagreed with some church teachings; the college says that it dismissed Hartwig because he publicly represented himself as a priest even though he had gone on a permanent leave of absence from the priesthood in 1987. Last June, the AAUP censured the administration of Albertus Magnus College for denying Hartwig due process in dismissing him and for violating his academic freedom. The report from the AAUP investigating committee that was the basis for the censure appears in the January–February 2000 issue of Academe.

Here's more detailed info on Hartwig:


Are you really surprised the group of old sea hags who control the weak priests they send to your parish brought in a wolf to mislead the flock? Come on!

I took a quick look at the 'parish' website. Didn't you ever notice anything missing? Like the words "Roman Catholic"?

btw, here something else going awry, the 'book club'?

Book Club
“Started as a way to include parishioners (or non- or ex-) who feel in the margins of “traditional” church or have been alienated from mainstream Catholicism. The group meets monthly to discuss books chosen by its members about any kind of spirituality (fiction, biography, poetry…anything). It has evolved into a group that focuses on a book topic as a springboard for faith sharing. Drop-ins welcome."

The last thing people need who feel alienated from Church teaching is a 'book club' that affirms them in their rejections of truth. They need a priest who will intellectually and spiritually do the work that prepares them and leads them to the confessional and ultimately to Christ.

The people who respond to invitations we throw out there as a Church are looking to cultivate spiritual intimacy. Our job is to lead them to Christ.

There are ways to impede that journey. One of them are the groups of people with low self esteem who place themselves in the Sanctuary to paint Christ and His Church as the boogieman who marginalizes and alienated His flock and the fix is in, THEM. It is a hijacking of the love between Christ and those souls.

Stand up and fight.


Carol said...

LOL. The only thing that separates your parish from the pagans is the sacreligious Communion of clapping fornicators and contraceptors. Good times had by all.

North Hill it is. Let's run some time and dates and confirm.