Sunday, October 23, 2011

"I pray we see O'Malley soon" Obama's riots?

I sure wish I had a nickel for every time Catholics in Boston repeated this phrase for close to a decade.

It took years to come to the full realization that he is just an ornament.

They roll him out of bed, prop him in the car and take him from one adventure to another. The man has absolutely no idea what is happening to the souls under his charge and that i the way he likes it. As you can see from the picture, this week one of the stops was the circus.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

What's next? An adventure on the Yellowbrook Road with Dorothy, Toto and the Lollipop kids on their way to find the Wizard? Maybe the Strawman will lend him his brain?

Here's a perfect example of the fleecing of his flock while he's being driven around 24/7 being entertained.

In the vacuum of the where's waldo leadership at the Chancery, Margery Egan is herding the lambs to Obama's riots and is hoping to see the Cardinal join class warfare.

Thankfully, they haven't returned her phone calls. Lucky for us, his donors are all rich and he knows where his bread is buttered. Still, the gimme stuff for free Catholics finally have a chance to recreate those three days at Woodstock and they're not letting go of it anytime soon.

And what a proud moment for Catholics around here desperate for the hierarchy to interrupt its crusade against gays and abortion...

..“it would be wonderful,” said Steve Krueger of Catholic Democrats....

I am not holding my breath, of course. The archdiocese has not returned my calls and I could find no mention of Occupy Wall Street anywhere on its official Web sites. But it’s not impossible. Catholic lay groups are heavily involved...

James Salt of Catholics United built the “golden calf” in the shape of the Wall Street bull that he and an interfaith coalition carried around New York’s Occupy Wall Street site this week....

James Salt made a golden calf?


Well, the bad news is, Maggie found a priest to priest pour gasoline on drama. (What is it about the name Kennedy?!) The good news is, they had to go through the roster until they reached age 73. We are making some headway. In spite of it all.

Here's CJ Doyle's eloquent response to Egan's long-standing anti-Catholic bigotry:

October 22, 2011
Boston Herald
P.O. Box 55843
Boston, MA 02205-5843
To the Editor,
It is no surprise that counterfeit Catholics like Margery Eagan and Steve Krueger want the Church to give up its resistance to abortion and embrace the leftists of Occupy Boston (I pray we see O'Malley soon, 10/16/2011).
Having spent their careers collaborating with the abortion culture, the last thing Eagan and Krueger want to hear is the Church reminding people of the more than fifty million unborn children killed by surgical abortion alone in this country since 1973, not to mention the millions more destroyed by abortion inducing chemical contraceptives.
Eagan is engaged in gross hypocrisy when she laments the plight of the poor, but endorses the legal slaughter of the poorest and most vulnerable among us --- the unborn.

C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
35 Montclair Avenue
Boston, MA 02131
(781) 251-9739

Send in the clowns. There's got to be clowns.


scotju said...

Which one is O'Malley in that picture? The tall black guy is dressed as fine as a cardinal!

Carol said...


I think that's Jack Connors with the top hat. It was nice of the circus people to take their picture wasn't it? I heard they had to lure Bryan Hehir off of the unicycle with some cotton candy.

Michael said...

Margery Eagan's insights into Catholic social teaching are nil. However, her insights into the world of perversion and kink are on display annually with her Herald column that celebrates the Boston Fetish Festival.

She is odious.

Lynne said...

The archdiocese is crusading against abortion? The cardinal allows priests to participate in the 40 Days vigil? Really?

KarenD said...

Margery Eagan is gone, clueless, has been for long time. Moonbat from Brookline. She acts like a rebelious teenager and shes in her 50's.

Carol said...

Lynn, that is the funny part. I guess the few steps he takes once a year in MCFL parade before he is wicked off to some pot luck supper or swanky event constitutes fighting abortion to Egan.

Karen, I love the term moonbat! That she is.