Thursday, November 24, 2011

As God is my witness...I thought turkeys could fly!

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you!

As God is my witness...I thought turkeys could fly!

p.s. I have the parade on. Excuse it me, or are the acts men in drag?


Adrienne said...

Have a wonderful day. God bless...

And thank God they can't fly. Could you imagine turkey poo on your car?

kd said...

eww what a thought!

Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving Carol!

Anonymous said...

Um, yes they can. That is to say *wild turkeys* can fly, just not great distances (and Lord knows we are getting way too many of them out here in Hoosierland!).

Now, the turkeys at the farm down the road from my house? Nope, Les Nessman would concur!

Happy Thanksgiving to God day to you, Carol!

Great post! Brings back some fine memories and smiles.

Catechist Kevin

Carol said...

Thanks Adrienne, KD and Kev! I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Kev - Wild turkey's fly? Really? Wow. It's strange how pack of wild turkeys are strolling neighborhoods all of a sudden. Did you ever hear the noise they make when they get caught by another wild animal? Whoah baby!

I'm glad the WKRP post brought back fun memories for you! It does for me too.

Veronica said...

A day late, but Happy Thanksgiving, Carol and all!

Tom said...

I have wild Turkeys in my backyard everyday. come sunset they fly up into the trees{pretty high up} , where they sleep thru the night!!!