Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take a Walk on the Wildside in Bathrooms and Locker Rooms in Massachusetts

A bill was railroaded through the House that pretty much makes public bathrooms in,Massachusetts unusable for women and children. The ugly details below from MFI.

Here's a little secret most men don't know, because most women don't talk about such things out loud: Women are so private about what a bathroom is used for, they take pains not to subject anyone else to the noise and odor. Even other women.

This modesty is actually innate and manifests itself at a very young age. I was with a 7 year old daughter of a friend a few months back who asked me to take her to the ladies room. When we got there, she didn't want to go in. She told me she was afraid the people in the offices nearby would hear her going. I explained to her that all ladies feel that way and there is a secret we share...we turn on the faucet to drown the noise! She went in as happy as a lark.

In public rest rooms where there are more than one stall, it is possible there will be a man sitting right beside you. Moreover, when boys are lined up at urinals, Chaz Bono may be standing beside them. Potentially, children playing sports in schools will be forced to undress in front of a boy wearing a dress. It borders legalize and forced child pornography.

How vulgar it is all becoming.

In the end, the promiscuity made public bathrooms unsafe places decades ago. I avoid them like a petri dish loaded with hepatitis.

Here's the details from MFIs press release.

Boston – House leaders today rammed through a measure relative to “transgender” protections that left rank and file members with little information; just a heavy hand from leadership to pass the measure – forcing it through with little debate — before the imminent House recess.

The final version strikes a provision which would open public bathrooms and locker rooms to any person of either gender, but the process and the language on the rest ofhe measure was anything but open and transparent. Throughout the day, lawmakers were not given up to date versions of the measure to review, but expected to “fall in line” with leadership on a final, favorable vote.

“It’s a victory for the safety, privacy and modesty of woman and children who expect to be safe and secure in public bathrooms in the Commonwealth,” said Kris Mineau, president Massachusetts Family Institute. “But it leaves too many issues unanswered in terms of burdensome and costly regulations to businesses and how workplace provisions will actually manifest in our public K-12 schools, as well as private businesses losing their rights and autonomy—and being unfairly subject to frivolous lawsuits,” Mineau added.

“Beacon Hill heard loud and clear from citizens across Massachusetts – they want their bathrooms and locker rooms to remain safe spaces for women and children – and that shows the power of grassroots activism and the outrage of an electorate who doesn’t want Beacon Hill putting their safety and privacy at risk,” Mineau said.


Veronica said...

Surely I am not the only one who has had about all she can take? Each and every day I look up at my picture of the Sacred Heart above our computer and ask Him if He thinks we'd had enough yet, because I surely do.

God have pity on us!

Jefe' said...

What is in the drinking water in this state that has our constituents left of blue!?!


Karen said...

I'm with you, Veronica. I am so greatful that my children are grown as the odds of keeping children above the fray seem to decrease everyday. I pray daily for an end to the liberal indoctrination of children and the LGBT agenda, and ask God to make it a fair fight - temptation is one thing, diabolical disorentation, another. I can only hope that it's part of the plan to make things so obviously evil that the majority will have no choice but to wake up to reality and work to overcome the evil. I think that were just about there!
Prayers for you, Veronica - hang in there!

Veronica said...

Karen, I would try to organize some type of reparation program in my parish, but, believe it or not, many of my fellow pewsitters do not think things are that bad or tht anything is wrong!! Some actually think things are going along just swell and would vote for you-know-who again.

Can you believe it?

I hope you have more kindred souls in your neck of the woods than I have here.

Karen said...

Veronica, It's hard to tell sometimes who the kindered souls are, though I am greatful that I do see some in our parish community. Not all parishes are equal, though....NH has become a VERY liberal state - we even beat Massachusetts to the GAY marriage alter! Sometimes I don't even feel that I practice the same faith as my own Catholic family! I think that NH has been tagged as one of the least religious states. Very sad. I hope that you are overstating the bliss of your fellow parishioners -otherwise I can imagine that it does seem hopeless at times. It's not though - just pray for the "illumination of conscience" that I think many that post here have already been blessed to receive. I believe that it's coming. Meanwhile, any efforts that we make to spread the truth can only help as I cannot imagine things getting worse. You could always try...even if you are only one of a few that participate for now.
Too bad that we all are not closer to each other, but at least you have support here.

Again, you are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...'s altar not alter. Jeesh. Perhaps you could learn to spell properly and give all the hand-wringing a rest. "Diabolical disorientation" - what a pathetic thing for you to say. You and Veronica are the types that would have criticized Jesus for much of what he said and did.