Monday, November 28, 2011

What a Day in Politics!

First, the cartwheel-worthy news:Barney Frank is Retiring!

He saw the writing on the Wall. He came within ten points of losing the last election and since that time there has been a redistricting which put more conservatives in his precincts.

Then there was Sam Brownback and Twittergate.

Really? We are at the point where a little snotnosed kid without manners can gain 10,000 followers for being rude and mean? It was overreaction to ask for an apology. But once it did happen and the girl 'refused' to apologize, we have a much different problem as a culture. Kids will be kids at that age but your duty as a parent is to teach the child manners, grace, how to be a decent human being. I am appalled that they let their daughter become a celebrity bitch. How will that serve her in life? How does it serve your community, country?

The plot thickens for Cain:Woman alleges she had a 13 year affair with him.

Says she has 61 texts/emails at odd hours.

Is that it? Not very compelling, but neither is the statement from Cain's lawyer:

a statement provided to CBS News from Cain attorney Lin Wood did not go so far as to deny an affair. Wood's statement said White's accusations of a consensual affair between two adults was not a legitimate news story.

"This is not an accusation of harassment in the workplace - this is not an accusation of an assault - which are subject matters of legitimate inquiry to a political candidate," Wood said in the statement. "He has no obligation to discuss these types of accusations publicly with the media and he will not do so even if his principled position is viewed unfavorably by members of the media."

The Dems hit Romney as Two Men Trapped in One Body

How fun is that?

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