Friday, December 9, 2011

Bishop Gomez and the Sphere

Should we check his pockets for a crack pipe?

Does it say merry x-mas above it?

Why would you replace the most magnificent event in history with a symbolic spherical hunk of artistic trash?

There is no symbol that should ever replace the Christ Child in the nativity.

I love Bishop Gomez but this idea is a dud.


susan said...

y'know what's really funny?'s not even a 'sphere'. It appears to be more of a the illustration, looks to be about the size and dimension of a CD or DVD....wouldn't you love to put it in a player and see/hear what comes out? Shivers up my spine.

This is idolatry, pure and simple...21st century golden calf. Gomez has been a MAJOR disappointment on many fronts...not enough spine to do what needs to be done in the city of lost angels.

breathnach said...

I'll give Bishop Gomez high marks for his ability to promote Druid and Celtic pagan design. The New Agers will love this stuff!

As far as leading the flock and catechizing an aggressive secular world----nil!!!

Anonymous said...

First glance reminded me of The Eucharist, I'm sure if they think of That it will soon be replaed! HA!

Veronica said...

Perfect setting for it too - the Ziggy Stardust Cathedral.

Ground control to Major Tom, the Sphere is now arriving.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Remember that Bishop Gomez is a member of Opus Dei, as is Bishop Finn of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese in Missouri

Carol said...

I love Opus Dei.

Like many other bishops, there isn't a problem with Bishop Gomez faithfulness. Once he got a See, he lost his grip on his vocation: laying down his life for the sheep. Christocentric love is a palpable energy and many times these men fall to the temptation of using their position to become the magnet and draw that love and respect unto themselves.

Maybe he thought he thought it was a clever way to enlighten people about the Eucharist. But it is so clever that even I missed it so people who are ignorant of the Divinity in the gift of the Eucharist are definitely not going to get it.

This is a good bishop but I think he could use some prayers for right judgment and fortitude.

susan said...

what is with the undying animosity towards Opus Dei? Joseph, have you EVER read St. Maria Escriva's is BEAUTIFUL and a true call to holiness...he was a true man's man, and a holy priest. I have for quite a while now been considering Opus Dei as a leading spirituality for my life and I have found no albino monks, no asassins, no nefarious characters whatever in it's strictures. There are people of weak character and there are Saints in every Church sanctioned and recognized order.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, if the archbishop of Los Angeles were truly faithful, then he wouldn't lose his grip on his vocation. That's the fundamental problem with the Catholic hierarchy: too much careerism and egoism, not enough humility and genuine committment to Christ. One doesn't have to be Catholic, non-Catholic or anti-Catholic to see that.

If that sounds "judgemental," please remember that Christ called all believers to use wisdom and discernment. Lots of clergymen and religious leaders, both inside and outside of the Church, have the veneer of religiosity yet deny its power, to paraphrase St. Paul.

Susan, I've never read St. Josemaria Escriva's work. Why should that matter? There are a lot of beautiful things that are written but what counts are actions. Of course, individuals will fail time and again. Yet those in authority -- especially if they hold authority in Christ's name -- bear closer scrutiny (and should).

Apparently, Opus Dei's committment to Catholicism penetrated neither Archbishop Gomez's theological sense nor Bishop Finn's moral sense. We're not talking about two country bumpkins with parishes in the sticks; we're talking about bishops of two major metropolitan sees.