Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fr. Corapi's BlackSheepdog Website Vanishes

Inquiries regarding TheBlackSheepDog.US can be made to:
450 Corporate Dr. Suite 107
Kalispell, MT 59901

I couldn't find the facebook account he set up, but did check out one lay Catholics set up and it appears he hasn't been heard from in a while.

We've all taken the choo-choo of sin. The ride is fun. Decadent. Delicious. But when you get to the destination of The Gig is Up, it's an ugly place. A good taste of hell is what it is. Nobody in their right mind wants to stay there too long. If you're lucky enough to get there with humility and sanctifying grace still smoldering, you still have the ability to process how you got there and how to get out of town.

The people who take up residence at The Gig is Up are experts at putting the shinola on dung. Everybody who comes to The Gig is Up can smell dung upon arrival but it doesn't take long to lose your sense of smell. When that happens, you are toast because you can no longer tell dung from shinola, light from darkness. You look for an encampment of residents enjoying whatever sin you rode into town on, and you settle in.

Bound to unbelievers frolicking and partying in the dung, you don't even realize there isn't any light in The Gig is Up. It's dark 24/7. Dark and cold. The residents convinced you the darkness is the light. They even have statues of Christ there. Priests whose souls also reside in The Gig is Up rename sin as virtue and salvation. Bishops and Cardinals carry croziers to bless the manifesto of the town. It's a hell of a place.

The residents from The Gig is Up occasionally come to my town for a visit dressed as a child of the light. They know exactly where I live. They know where we all live.

I've taken the choo-choo. More than once. But, I have never stepped my foot onto the platform. While we're all having a good time on the ride, I whine all the way there to the other commuters.

"Phew. Something stinks in here. I can't breathe. Open the windows."

"Hey, it's getting cold on this train! Where are the blankets? "

"Can somebody turn on a light on this thing? I can't see."

The conductor and other passengers have had just about enough of me well before we get into town and I usually get thrown off the train. I never thought of this before, but maybe being a whiner is God's way of spraying mace around me!

After umpteen times on the train, I finally gestured to my guardian angel.

"Excuse me, but I don't like this train. I want to get off. How do I keep getting here?!"

"It's about time you asked!, he said and pointed to my two companions. "They keep sending pride along with a sucker with a sob story. You think you can rescue them on your own. You become their hero. Eventually your ego overshadows God and your emotions take over your brain. You get yourself into all kinds of mischief from there. Let's get out of here."

We get off the train and hightail it to the Sacraments. I confess the sins against the First Commandment and whatever sins that grew out of it and run to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in my soul in a state of grace. I am safe for another while. I think I've actually learned how to push myself out of the way in these situations and let the light of Christ shine through pastoral translucence. I'm trying to keep on my toes as when one closes a door, they are experts at finding a weak window to climb into to nurture another flaw!

In spite of all this, I have actually made it all the way to The Gig is Up. Hundreds of times. Never even once even got out of my seat. The stench and the view from the window is enough for me.

I pray fervently for the people who formed my conscience in my early years. Family, friends, priests, nuns who put their duty and love for God and salvation above all else. They save us from ourselves. Sometimes, we don't like them very much for it because we are having too much fun, but boy, are we ever in their debt. They carried Christ's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, The Savoir, the King of Salvation to us and for us.

Fr. Corapi did this for many years for so many people. These days, the conductor of the train to The Gig is Up is gunning for people like him.

Here's to hoping/praying Fr. Corapi has boarded the train out of The Gig is Up and he is on his way back to Christ.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess Fr. Frank Pavone is stinking up the place too & Michael Voris -- but Corapi's message was on target -- better someone who preaches the gospel - than one who lives and preaches the anti-gospel and that would be every homo tolerant and homo high country club living bishop (including pope benedict & his sodomite secretary') in the church today! The Israelites stoned the prophets & crucified Jesus, i.e. be careful what you say "amen" to -it could be held against you at judgment.

Anonymous said...

I have my own thoughts or suspicions about Fr. Corapi. Only God knows if I am right or wrong. After reading everything and talking to others who had encounters with him, I think he could have been bad much earlier; that is, when he entered the priesthood or before. I'm thinking that there is a chance he was out to take advantage of the real Catholics (conservative / traditional) with his intelligence, knowledge and great skills at public speaking. There was much money to be made and he made it. We are all sinners and we all fall. However, with Fr. Corapi, it looks like he lived in sin on a regular basis and loved it. Let's all pray for his "REAL" conversion.

B.M. Sterling Heights, Michigan

Carol said...


Interesting you should say that..

You're not alone in that theory. I think that is how Mark feels. (I say Mark like there's only one of them!) It's certainly possible but here's why I have a hard time thinking that:

Would a man saddle himself to a religious order with a superior in a ruse that would limit his ability to enjoy his concubine, drinking and drugs on the chance he could get rich off of Catholics?

When you talk about getting money out of Catholics, you're talking about people who put a dollar in the basket and think they are tithing! They are cheap.

Corapi is smart. He could have made his money investing himself into any enterprise and making millions. He did it before. Nothing was stopping him from doing it again, and where nobody would be over his head making him accountable for his immorality and addictions (..if of course, the allegations are true which is something we don't know. The way he has responded to the allegations doesn't weigh in his favor - but we still don't know the facts. The accuser has not made the facts known. Perhaps because she knows some of them can't stand up to scrutiny. The only thing we know is that we don't know. I think our priests deserve more than process where accusers spread gossip through blogs.)

But there was something more compelling for me. His use of the Blessed Mother and the irrefutable evidence that he knew the truth and could speak it eloquently and with conviction.

There are only two ways these two things can manifest themselves. 1. His fruit was coming from the Holy Spirit. 2. His fruit was coming from the devil who was using the Blessed Mother as a fata morgana. You just don't access to the wisdom and gifts manifested in him without one of these two sources.

I really saw very little of Fr. Corapi but I caught a glimpse of him through the years. It seemed to me he was scandalized by the Bishop's treatment of accused priests and that was when he started to go downhill. The things he said showed passionate and genuine concern for his fellow priests. It was not contrived. I saw the pain. Heard his words.

His superiors were reckless in their supervision of this priest. At best, they let a man with a history of addictions and promiscuity go unsupervised for years. They let him accumulate wealth. They ignored the things he was saying that were red flags that he needed some spiritual oversight and healing. They accepted his big fat checks he sent to them and ignored it all. After looking at I saw, my gut tells me this is what happened but I do not know.

At worst, this was a man they ordained that had a concubine and addictions all along and only when a woman stepped forward in the public square did they expose what they knew or should have known all along.

Whatever happened to this man, whoever he is or was, He is Christ's and he fell somewhere along the way. I found the malicious hypocrisy of the Patheos crowd to boohooing about the benefit of the doubt to the Kennedys and Clintons while waging a malicious campaign to paint Corapi as some kind of "fraud" - stomach turning.

Carol said...

n.b. - that especially includes the Patheos deacon, who cleverly throws suspicion out there and invites his commenters to do the dirty work of detraction and slander.

If he wants to use his blog to destroy somebody's reputation with gossip, he ought to be a man and do it in his post. As a Catholic deacon, to bait other people into committing the sins is decent fodder for the Sacrament of Penance and the restoration of a reputation.

StevenD-Jasper said...

"that especially includes the Patheos deacon, who cleverly throws suspicion out there and invites his commenters to do the dirty work."

Bingo. Excatly right Carol. I think that Deacon is kind of a sneak, he never really says his opinion. He can't stand M. Voris as well.

As for Father Corapi. My wife and I love him. There is no way he went back to drugs right away. Look at his cathecism series in the 90's, the man is filled with joy, he's smiling and happy and no way on drugs or fraudulant, no way.

I hope he recovers and comes back to the preisthood.