Friday, December 2, 2011

Life Begins at Implantation. Say WHAT?

Are there stupid pills in the water in DC?


Liam said...

George Will goes in for the kill, seemingly for unrelated reasons:

Carol said...

If there is anything stupider than Gingrich saying life begins at implantation, it's moonbats like George Will who uses opportunities like this to sabotage everyone running against Obama.

Newt is what we have. He is better than Obama. Let's cut the sh*t and work to elect him, "Liam".

breathnach said...

The great unsaid:
George Will's wife works on the Perry campaign.

Newt talks too much. He's convinced of his own brilliance, it's going to get him into further trouble. Still Newt is vastly preferable to pro-abort, pro homosexual marriage, master of the hissy fit----Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

Newt changed his tune on Saturday. Now he says life begins at conception once again.

I still agree he's much better than Romney.

Anonymous said...

"Newt is what we have. he is better than Obama."

This is the saddest thing. for years I bought into this polarizing politics game of settling for the lying, hypocritical, bought and paid for "conservative" because at least he's the lesser of two evils! The lesser of two evils is still evil, don't ya know? they're all on the same team anyway. wake up America! Your time and energy is better spent fasting and praying or working to start a third political party based on true Catholic social thinking, instead of working to elect Newt, whose beliefs and immoral behavior would only misrepresent the Catholic faith and cause scandal.