Monday, December 12, 2011

The Prodigal's Father

Don't let the door hit you in the booty on the way out.

The Father never compomises on truth to appease His wayward children. The pleasure of our company isn't paramount in His matrix for salvation. For the sake of the straying soul, he confronts our errors and sins and invites us to truth and amending our lives. He never silences truth, even if it means we will mosey on down the road so we don't have to hear it, face our shame, ask for forgiveness and amend our lives.

In His wisdom, He knows we will lose sound judgement in the distance we put between us and Him. In the darknesss of the gutter, His Light becomes more visible. We are given the chance to see the error of our ways and return home to seek His forgiveness.

Silencing truth to retain those rebelling against it deprives others in the house from hearing it. Leaving them ignorant puts them at risk for losing their intimacy with Christ.

Priests and Bishops have lost a generation of Christ's souls following the buffoonery that opposes the Father's wisdom and design. They are late to the party but better late than never.


Veronica said...

This is good news indeed! How I wish my pastor would say the very same thing to the troublemakers in my parish. I'd even hold the door open for them as they filed out. I might even buy them gifts...anything...just so they would go!

Anonymous said...

In the early days of his Pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI was quoted to say that he envisioned the immediate future of the Church to be a smaller but more pure Church, me thinks at least in the Archdiocese of Boston NO ONE IS LISTENING!

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Here's a comment from one of the Irish on the comment thread:

Instead of doing what any bishop with an ounce of Catholic Faith would do faced with such widespread loss of faith and public dissension from his clergy - getting down to work to restore the traditional Catholic Faith - Archbishop Martin makes it sound as if they have the Catholic Faith and just can't get people to live it. Wrong.

The Church in Ireland, as in the UK, has lost its way completely. This latest scandal is merely confirmation of that fact. The architects of the new Mass said they had set out to protestantise the Mass - we are now looking at the fruits of their endeavours. A Protestantised Mass = a Protestantised laity and clergy. Again, Mission accomplished.

The poor Irish faithful laity are drowning in a sea of near despair, having to suffer not just the dreadful child abuse scandals (perpetrated by faithless clergy) but they also have to suffer the complete dereliction of episcopal duty of their bishops, and Archbishop Martin in particular.

Something to consider.

Carol said...


I have politely asked you not to comment here. Your posts always has the subterfuge of your hostility towards the Catholic religion and you have repeatedly maligned Her treasure. We have all exhausted the amount of time we ought to spend in this life reading and responding to your commentary. I have given you the best advice I have - see a priest, get counseling and heal your hostility with the Sacraments. I will continue to delete your posts going forward. Please do not waste time posting here.

You have my best wishes and prayers,