Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boston Globe Cover Up of Occupy Sex Offender

This is sweet:

After all the indignation from the Boston Globe about the Catholic Church codding sex offenders, The Boston Globe did a puff piece on the "archetype of an occupy couple".

“Holding hands outside the food tent before the encampment disbanded,” read the accompanying story, “they were the archetype of an Occupy couple: he, a red-headed Mainer with tattoos on his arms; she, a petite upstate New York girl with a heart-shaped face and a boyish haircut, wearing a knit grandmother sweater three sizes too big.”

Turns out the petite girl was actually a teenager, 18, and the ginger with the tats was a 25-year-old level-three sex offender who served 18 months for sexual assault and battery on a child over 14.

The 18 year old he shacked up with at Occupy must have seemed like a piece of cake compared to the struggles with the 14 year old, eh?

She knows he's a sex offender and is cool with it.

In an email to the Herald, Karasik wrote: “Yes, I am aware of this. Yes, I am perfectly fine with it.”

n the Globe photo, Stitham is pictured shirtless, kissing and clutching Karasik. “She misses sleeping beside him in a tent,” the Globe article says, “picking up trash together on Dewey Square, sitting on his lap in the camp with nothing and everything to do.”

Shoot for the moon girl. Shoot for the moon.

I couldn't help wondering where this young girl's mother is - what happened to her, to them.



Anonymous said...

John Hardon wrote a letter telling his superiors he was orthodox.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

The girl's mother ought to take her daughter to the woodshed for a hiding and take a shotgun to the pervert for misusing her daghter!

susan said...

....the mother would probably more likely vie with the daughter for this creep's attention.

this line, "...sitting on his lap in the camp with nothing and everything to do.", kinda says it all doesn't it?