Saturday, January 21, 2012

One more word about Gingrich

What we really need right now, is somebody who is a true patriot, prolifer who is not afraid to kick the butt out of the media. A mouthpiece that says, we see what you are doing to our country, God sees what you are doing and it's time to take you to the shed.

The last thing we need is a prochoice liar whom the GOP has groomed because they all need him to protect the money they have invested in the Caymans.

n.b. Marianne Gingrich gave Newt the best soundbite of the campaign.

(Hearty har-har, lady. You stole him from the wife before you. Nobody cares about your sob stories.)


breathnach said...

It was disgusting to see Willard, at the Thursday SC debate, using his approval by "Mass Citizens for Romney" (fka Mass Citizens for Life) as his entire defense for a lack of a pro-Life, pro-family record in Massachusetts. Shame on MCFL!!!

Carol said...

It is indeed disgusting. We have long known that the proabort pols with ten thousand dollars, or in fact any any amount of money, can buy off MCFL. Anne Fox just wants to be a player. She has helped filled the hellhole of Massachusetts State House.

Thanks Anne!