Saturday, January 21, 2012

Praying for Rick, Newt

...and praying that whoever winneth, Romney loseth. Amen.

BTW, did you catch his I'm a regular schmoe pitch the other night?

That's right. He's schlepping to work with his lunch in his backpack every day. Just like you and me. Of course, unlike you and me, he shelters his millions in the Caymens to avoid paying the taxes we pay, but he is the regular guy in the crows of frau-fraus.

The Romneybots seem to be lowering their expectations in South Carolina.

You know, this is really about putting GOP's predetermination of the wealthy, proabort nominee, honing in on a handful of farmers in Iowa and New Hampshire and giving a couple of handfuls of cash to initiatives like MCFL and MFI to sabotage prolifer candidates and twist the history and positions of a liar and a proabort into the prolife agenda, out of it's misery.

It turns out Rick won Iowa. Gingrich is now ahead of the Mittens in the polls in SC. I don't hear the fat lady.

We'll see what happens today in the land of evangelicals.

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