Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Response from the Archdiocese on the HHS Mandate: Getting better, but we are not there yet.

The good news is, the Cardinal released a nastygram criticizing 'the Administration' for casting aside the First Amendment, denying Catholics fundamental freedom, etc.

He goes on to say, we cannot simply accept the 'unjust law now proposed at the federal level' and he encourages Catholic lay people to stand up and fight. He asks for prayer and fasting and recommends people get behind the lobbying efforts at the USCCB.

This very positive development is slightly mitigated by a the revelation of the surrender. On the one hand, they say they cannot just accept this mandate. On the other hand, they say they are preparing to. It's a bit anticlimatic.

There's a third option which appears to have been taken off the table: Saying they will not comply with the law - because they cannot comply with the law. Complying with the law is actually more than a violation of conscience protections, it is forcing the sin of omission upon the Bishop.

Let's see if we can expose the ethical problem with a little parable.

The White House is saying everyone has to provide their employees with free crack pipes. Preparations are underway to either violate their consciences and give out the free crack pipes or outsource giving their employees free crack pipes to a vendor.

The bishop actually doesn't get to wash his hands of accountability on the commission of outsourcing the free crack pipes to their employees.

There's a show down coming gentlemen. You can't do it. What you need to prepare for is jail and you have the duty to tell the man ahead of time, so he knows what he has on his hands and he can make his decisions accordingly.


Anonymous said...

When I saw this picture on his Blog I had to take a 3rd take! I can't believe he posted this one. As a long standing Catholic I ask all the Priests in America to speak out against Obama's policies, at least those in the Boston Archdiocese, NOTHING is being said in the churches, why? why, why.. ah come on Priests! We're praying for you, please speak out.. Don't twist the truth as Nancy has First of all, I am going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the Administration on this. I think it was a very courageous decision that they made, and I support it,” the minority leader responded.


Maria said...

C-Span has trotted out a bunch of women from "catholyc colleges" to make the case for the O'bama's conscience manadate. The event is happening now at the National Press Club.

We have "Taneesha" ( yep, Taneesha) from Georgetown University who tells us she is an Afrucan Amerixan bi-sexual and demands free birth control. She was attracted to Georgetown because of its "pluralism". Let's see, there was Keeley Monroe from Fordham University, a "Reproductive Justice Fellow". Oh, and Sandra Fluke, Students for Reproductive Justice form GU.
Oh, I dare not forget Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend. She vented her outrage, as well.

I hate to say it, Carol, it is a bit difficult for the Bishops to now try to claim the moral highground. Did they really think that they could ignore the teaching of the Catholic Church for forty years and then say, oh, we are outraged? Doesn't work that way. Like I keep saying, they are forty years too late to this war. No one believes a word they say.

Maria said...

The prg. at the National Press Club was presented by "Catholic Students for Women's Health". They intend to defend Obama's conscience mandate. The schism of the Catholic Church is now on full display. It turns out that you can't fail to preach the Gospel for forty years and then demand your right to conscience. These women are the fruit of several generations gone uncatechized. Our bishops and priests who failed to proclaim the Gospel will one day have to answer to God for their silence.

breathnach said...


Well said.

The American bishops, individually, and their bureaucratic arm, the USCCB, have identified Catholic social justice teaching with the Left of the Democratic party. When they are kicked in the teeth by a lying secularist, they are aghast.

This preference for politics and ideology over preaching Jesus Christ crucified has left the Church wide open to attack from internal and external vipers.

Maria said...

You are so clear sighted, BN.