Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bishops Expose Six more Flaws

Barack Hussein didnt even bother to institute the "compromise".

I wonder if they will blither on during the election about how important it is toweigh weigh welfare reforms against the genocide of the poor and uncatechized.

Think we are done with that?


Lynne said...

So, what's the next step for the bishops?

Carol said...

Good question.

My guess is the same old story.

Somebody ties them up and takes them where they do not want to go.

Maria said...

Video excerpts: Interview with USCCB president on contraceptive mandate

Obama's revised HHS mandate won't solve problems, USCCB president says


Watch the video. They are rounding up the lawyers.

Maria said...

Carol--I have been reading Fr. Hardon's Catechism in an effort to teach myself the faith,lol. Lookie here what Hardon has to say about conscience:

" It is remarkable that when the authority of God is obscured or denied,k mankind falls back rapidly upon a totalitarianism that runs roughshod over the claims of individual conscience".

What I love about the Catholic Church? The clarity of the Truth. Obama thinks this is all over. Got some news for him.The Church has not yet begun to give him the fight he is in for.

Anonymous said...

USCCB interview here...


susan said...

Am I the only one or is anyone else TRULY horrified at what a total squish Dolan is???

breathnach said...

No Susan.....you are definitely not alone!

He gives the impression that if the bishops had been coddled a bit more by the administration and if the fig leaf mandate had been drawn up by a tricky, jejune Jesuit that all would be hunky dory.

Maria said...

Suzy and BN--
You are are both correct. I remember his saying he was "disappointed" about all this and I thought "disappointed"? How about outraged. He has said that he does not like confrontation. But we have to support him. Pray and fast. He IS lining up the lawyers. The bishops will not go quietly into that good night. Nonetheless, what we are seeing play out is a Church that no longer believes in papal primacy and the authority of the Bishops to teach, sanctify and govern. They need to muzzle Sr. Carol Keehan, in public, in unison adn at a strong decibel. Obedeience is not a word in the vocabulary of many, many religious and priests. SO, we get anarchy.