Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ex-Judge Christina Harms' Heinous Cruelty Costs Her Job

A Massachusetts ex-judge was in the news here today boo-hooing about the withdrawal of a job offer after BU found out she was a monster.

A retired Massachusetts judge on Tuesday defended her decision to order a mentally ill woman to have an abortion and be sterilized against her wishes, and she blasted Boston University for rescinding a job offer after her ruling sparked controversy.

Christina Harms said she believes the schizophrenic woman would have chosen to have an abortion if she had been mentally competent. In her ruling, she granted a petition from the woman’s parents to have their daughter declared incompetent and awarded guardianship to them for the purpose of consenting to the abortion.

Get that?

The woman was lucid to express that she is a practicing Catholic and against abortion. She was lucid enough to go to her doctor and make the sound decision to come off of medication that would harm her baby. When the people around her were coercing her into an abortion, she was lucid enough to get herself an attorney to defend her freedom and the life of her child.

But Christina Harms - got to love the irony of her name - said she knew, in spite of all this, that the woman would choose to have an abortion to protect her well being.

That is some gift of clairvoyance. No matter what people say and do, Christina Harms can do the thinking for all of us. She's an extension of everyone's brains.

The Appeals court overturn Harms' ruling:

In overturning Harms’ decision, the Appeals Court used unusually strong language.

The court said no one had requested sterilization and said Harms “appears to have simply produced the requirement out of thin air.’’

Harms said she based her sterilization order on concerns that the woman had had two previous pregnancies and would continue to have unprotected sex, unplanned pregnancies and therefore “serial abortions.’’ The woman had aborted one of her earlier pregnancies. Her parents are raising a child she gave birth to from the other pregnancy.

What is that supposed to mean? Women on the welfare rolls for women with children from numerous men should be involuntarily sterilized?

Adolf Hitler eat your heart out.

After the inhumane, unconstitutional and cruel treatment of Catholic woman was made public, the job she applied for at Boston University was not offered.

Cry me a river.


Anonymous said...

Judge Harms allowed a court proceeding without my knowledge allowing my lawyer Susan Rossi Cook to withdraw from my divorce case. I had no idea about this meeting. Judge Harms forced me to stand trial as my own counsel after being released from the hospital where they feared for my life. I did not have the mental capacity at the time to be my own counsel for my divorce trial. IhD nooner for a lawyer and she said tough luck to me!

Anonymous said...

This horrible woman was a travesty to justice. I'm glad she was forced to retirre and will live the rest of her life under the cloud of this disgrace!

Anonymous said...

This woman was suppose to uphold the law in a bipartisan manner while adhering to Judicial Rules of Conduct. Instead she ruined my children's lives. not only did she award me well below the MA state guidelines for child support, she invited my ex-husband to bring 20 of his friends to peer in my windows and harass me. The caveat with that ruling was that if my mother or oldest daughter looked at him In would be in contempt of court-And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

It's disheartening to think this is what the MA Judicial system is made of. No innocent until proven guilty. No decisions based on the children's needs. A man that makes in excess of 70K per year is ordered to pay $125 per week for 2 children-after wiping out every bank account and saddling me with 18K in debt-Judge Harms went even further to pat my ex-husband on the backdshe gave him both my kids as tax deductions every year. His net for yearly child support is 1K-that's $1,000 US dollars. Total. For the year, To support two children. yep, thank you Christina Harms. This is what you did to my children and I hope you bloody rot in hell for it.

bell said...

I realize this article is old, however, I just learned of Judge Harms forced retirement. Unfortunately for me, her retirement came too late. She was the sitting judge during divorce. My Ex-husband shares an office with Paul Sweeney who at one time was the chief clerk in Norfolk Probate. Long story short, I got railroaded. My attorney wanted to contact media, I just wanted it over

TTC said...


I am sorry for the injustice you suffered at her hands.

Seems she left a trail of debris on her road of corrupt abuse of power. I hope it is of some consolation to you that her macabre chamber of terror came to its end.

There is always a day of reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Judge Harms single handedly destroyed my life, damaged my career and awarded excessive alimony to my ex who was working, lived with another man, paid no rent and collected disability income with no children. She ignored all of this and although it's too late
and I should feel no solace, I am thrilled that she will never again have an opportunity to hurt others in court.

Dara Spires said...

This "judge" ruined my life....period. She allowed Patrice Morse to act lawlessly and invade my home and my personal file cabinet with Canton police watching her, in order to search for my ex husband's college degree (which I testified wasn't there it was framed and hanging in his house in Florida where he lived.) Patrice Morse who Harms had appointed as LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR OUR MINOR DAUGHTER AND PARENT COORDINATOR which I am still unsure if it is legal, openly had a grand time laughing at me as she had great fun with Judge Harms' order going through my personal files. No search warrant....and by the way, no college degree found b/c I was telling the truth. (But that's another story.) Harms allowed my ex husband to have unsupervised visits with our toddler right after testing positive for drugs in that very courtroom. In 2008 Harms actually said in open court "I should make Dara and (our toddler) move to Florida to make everyone's life easier." That was because my ex was an NFL player with a pregnant girlfriend down in Tampa! I was simply a mother, homeowner in MA, and special ed teacher. I didn't count. I could write a freaking book. I refuse to be anonymous because I am not afraid of anyone anymore and I am still in Norfolk fighting this idiot ex husband. I say we all get together and put in a class action. I am here. I am not afraid. Dara Spires

TTC said...

Dara, So sorry to hear. There are so many judges that are completely out of control. Prayers for you and your daughter.

Unknown said...

I had the unfortunate luck to have judge Christina Harms after my divorce. I went in without a lawyer to file contempt charges on my a husband who decided to stop working. I had no idea I was supposed to get a ruling in the mail ...finally in 2012 I had to rehire my divorce lawyer because every time I went to court my exhusband and I walked out without her ruling on anything. My lawyer asked me to pick up my court file and have copies and bring to her. The clerk could not find my file. Apparently judge harms (who I was told retired) was still in office...had my file in her office. Cleared a courtroom sat on bench and I had to appear in front of her and was pretty much verbally assaulted for asking for a copy of my file for my lawyer. She than took my file to the judges secretaries and would not allow them to give me hardly any of it!!! The bailiff threw my papers at me...when I told him this isn't my file...he told me that's all I'm getting and to leave courthouse!!! It was insane!!! My file is public record! She denied me access. My lawyer said we could file charges against her with the board but she had already retired ...was it worth my time? When I went to trial in 2012 with my rehired lawer... I had 9 open contempt charges that she never ruled on we had to close before proceeding. She is a disgrace! I am disgusted that Norfolk probate allowed her to make up her own rules. I would love to be part of a class action.