Saturday, February 11, 2012

Immaculate Contraception - an "Accommodation" that Makes the Birth Control Mandate Worse


breathnach said...

The Sophist in Chief had one goal with his meaningless "accommodation": to take the heat off the Catholyc Left.

Right on cue we see the responses from the pews of the Church of Obama:

Rev. John Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame, applauded "the willingness of the administration to work with religious organizations to find a solution acceptable to all parties."

Sister Carol Keehan, a prominent Obamacare supporter who heads the Catholic Health Association, immediately issued a statement in which she announced that she is “pleased and grateful that the religious liberty and conscience protection needs of so many ministries that serve our country were appreciated enough that an early resolution of this issue was accomplished.”

Karen said...

Don't forget Fr. Snyder at Catholic Charities, USA. We need to step up prayers for those looking for their 30 pieces of silver!

Anonymous said...

Now everyone in the US is funding abortion. Soon you will be taved to sell your house, THE HEALTHCARE BILL says so, WAKE UP AMWRICA!!!

breathnach said...

I was happy to read the Cardinal's letter this AM at Mass.

However, how does the Cardinal's handling of the Caritas Christi/Centene Corporation bid (back in '09 & '10) for a low income health care contract with the State (RomneyCare)impact his moral authority?

If you remember: in order for Caritas to qualify for the contract Caritas had to use secular Centene Corporation as a fig leaf to refer "reproductive" health services, including abortion and contraception.

This use of a fig leaf, at that time seemed satisfactory to Cardinal Sean...when you bed down with fleas, you end up with fleas...

Carol said...

Was that the insert? I saw people reading it and I forgot to pick up a bulletin!

We heard a homily from the Cardinal on the assisted suicide bill coming up in November. It was quite frankly, stupendous.

I don't know. Could it be Obama's persecution of Christendom is bringing the miracle we've been waiting for for 40 years?

I'm actually getting hopeful. I mean...they're coming for us and they're going to jail us and slaughter us, but I'm actually starting to hear the teachings of the Church when sitting in the pew.

Is it too soon to be giddy?