Monday, February 20, 2012

Joe McCarthy - He Who Laughs Last, Last Best

I've been having a little offline discussion with some Catholic writers about where the Mystical Body of Christ is at this point in time. I have a lot of nerve, actually, because I really don't know where we are in following Christ to His Passion, Death and Resurrection. Maybe Gethsemene? The Apostles have just woken up to find they are seizing Christ?

Maybe we are further along. I don't know. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter where we are.

I wasn't trying to pinpoint the exact location. My effort was more about bringing the spiritual battle between the powers and principalities into their political focus...the battle for the soul of our country that can't be seen with human eyes. Some in the group can see the battle more than the others. Some are oblivious to it. Their political observances and philosophies are superficial, without supernatural substance.

My objective in the conversation was to get them to cast their net into the deep. To stop thinking and writing things that obscure truth, puts the shinola on nefarious agendas, throws grenades at the army of God, under a caricature of mr and ms congeniality. We have a limited window of opportunity to mitigate the consequences of cowardice and complacency. It's time to cut the baloney and tee up some zeal. People aren't going to do that until they can get over themselves, see what is going on in the spiritual world and respond to the call.

Public writing isn't all it is cracked up to be when your fiat is all about evangelism, Catholicism, the Sacraments. There are spiritual battles within the battle that wash up on your shore. Sometimes you are ill-prepared for them. Sometimes you have your own going on. It really take a lot of examination and discipline to take a stab at responding to each particular situation for the glory of God. It is never as simple as blowing out opinions or responding to defend something you've written because your credibility and reputation, your ego is at stake. Your prayers are vital. Thank you for them.

Everything a Catholic needs to know about 'politics' is in the Book of Revelation. It is just all a matter of when, how and who. Let us face it: Who wants to be the generation that lives through that ugly mess. We could be centuries away. It could last for centuries. As it has before. Still, I do think the United States is teetering on the edge of the communism the democratic party has been ushering in for decades. Joe McCarthy is having a good last laugh. While I doubt Obama even realizes what he has subscribed to - there is little doubt now: he is rolling out communism.

This is an excellent article illuminating the pre-communist era Obama and the Democrats are ushering in.

Another good source of illumination to the transition to communism is He Leadeth Me.

Catholic writers have got to cease and desist from glossing it over. Time to give it everything we've got. Maybe God, in His Mercy, will let this cup pass.

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