Saturday, February 4, 2012

Romney Stands with the Bishops?

Romney is really starting to look like the profile of a pathological liar. It's actually a bit frightening.

I saw something EWTN was ramming down the throats of Catholics about Romney 'standing with the bishops'.

Are they serious?

You'd have to completely ignore history to advocate this as an honest conviction of Mitt Romney.

Just like Romney was the author of Obamacare, Romney was actually the author of taking away the conscience protections of Catholics in Massachusetts.

Honestly, I think I'd rather see Barack Hussein get another four years than to put this man in the White House. I'm not saying I'd vote for Barack Hussein. I never would. But, I will be looking to destroying the GOP and fracturing the prolife movement from participating in shining the credentials of a proabort.

I've had it with them using the village idiots to destroy real prolifers and then when their proabort candidate is left standing, telling us we have no choice but to vote for him.

If the Mittens turns out to be the nominee, hopefully a third-party candidate will give us another choice. If not, I'm going to be suggesting we all sit it out.

1. We know we are fighting an enemy.
2. More importantly, prolifers and Catholics would not be portraying the enemy as an ally.

I think number 2 has significant ramifications that could last decades. It could even damage what constitutes a prolife movement in perpetuity.

We can't do it.

Maybe we could convince Santorum to run third party?


Karen said...

Carol, I hope that Rick or Newt calls him out on precisely what you just brought up to see how he addresses his ongoing inconsistencies. While I generally agree with your assessment, I'm not convinced yet that he is just as bad as BHO should he be the only other option. My hope is that his need to pander to everyone would end if he reached his ultimate goal of the presidency and that he would at least uphold the Constitution. After all, he would want a second term! Let's pray that it never come down to a Obama/Romney contest. I also pray that the conservative vote does not continue to be split between 3 candidates. I think that Rick Santorum is the only viable alternative to Romney. Newt being Newt is self-destructive and Ron Paul, even in his own estimation, will never cross the finish line.

Carol said...

I know. I'm struggling too. This guy in the White House is a bum. I keep thinking about it though and at the end of the day, I keep seeing that we have met the eyes of the enemy and it is us.

We keep doing it to ourselves. At this point in time, I can't bring myself to support the GOP machine that keeps destroying prolife candidates. We are at the point where we are actually lying to cover the trail of a proabort.

The bottom line is, Romney could slow down the dictatorship and tyranny but he will execute almost the same agenda as Obama. He did it here in Massachusetts - except that there was a pretense he was our ally.

Karen said...

Carol, For me the key words are 'slow down.' We need more time to pray for the conversion of souls and an illumination of conscience. We need more time to allow that "small faithful remanent" to grow and affect change. We do keep doing this to ourselves but, like with most of us here, God was patient and brought us into the light. He will continue to do the same for others. With the corruption in our government, in our schools, and with the wealthy (like George Soros) buying all of the above, our weapon is our faith. We need to keep evangalizing and let God do the rest. Look at all you have accomplished - I'm sure that your readership has grown by leaps and bounds. I could care less at this point about either party - it takes a special type of ego to want the presidency in the 1st place - so I'll just do the best I can at the voting booth and do the best I can to help convert others until I'm thrown in jail, leave the country or die, which ever comes 1st1

Karen said...

Actually....I'll continue to try to convert souls even from jail or another country until I draw my last breath!

breathnach said...

Carol, I decided in 2008 that if Willard was the nominee I'd have to blank the Presidential race. I'll be doing so this year if he gets the nomination.

I will not be shafted into a "lesser of evils" vote.

I am also seriously considering blanking the Senate race in MA. Pretty boy Brownie cannot even be relied on to vote for a conservative justice to the SOTUS. I believe a vote for Brownie only empowers the RINO social issues leftists within the Republican party.

Lynne said...

The GOP good old boy network just expects us to fall in line as we usually do and vote for the wishy-washy guy with an R after his name. The only reason I voted for McCain was because of Palin. Carol, you KNOW that Romney will not tolerate a strong VP, look who his Lt Gov was, a pro-choice mouse. I will not vote for Obama but I will not vote for Romney either. The election is STILL important for the House and Senate so no matter who gets in, they can be blocked from implementing more socialism. It's a shame it may come down to this. I wish Sarah had run.

Karen said...

I have NO love for Romney or for getting behind any candidate just because he is a GOPer. That means nothing to me and I do not trust whatever word de jour Romney chooses to speak to pander to whatever group he feels is most important that day. I voted for Santorum in the primary and frankly hope that more Catholics step up and vote for him before it is to late, if it is not already. All that said, my biggest concern about Obama getting reelected is his ability to appoint his liberal justices on all levels, especially SCOTUS. On more appointment there and it is game over as the balance will tip to the liberal side. Romney has been bought and paid for, so my hope is that he will aquiesce to the more conservative base that he is now pandering to so that, if nothing else, he can buy a second term. Then, if we have a majority in the house and senate, something good might actually get done rather than just block anything and everything in the power play game that is Washington.

Karen said...

Food for thought....I read the other day that, despite the Bishop's letter, 51% of Catholics still intend to vote for Obama. If that is true, and the other 49% sit out the vote because they don't like Romney, Obama will surely win by default. If we all follow our consciences and not vote, we will have inadvertently helped him get elected. Had this been back in Clinton's day and Romney was running against him, I'd sit out the vote. But with Obama, most of us know that his tyranny will destroy religious freedom (and other freedoms as well) by the end of the 2nd term. We will no longer be living as a democracy under the Constitution. There's no chance with him. Maybe there will be a chance with Romney if he is forced by Congress to keep his so-called conservative platform. I can't believe that it has come to this, but I think it has. If only the USCCB/ bishops would come out and just say 'don't vote for Obama.' I pray that Santorum can pull off a miracle!

Carol said...

I appreciate the sharing of your perspective. It needs a lot of prayer.

Karen said...

It does need much prayer, especially considering the stakes. For whatever reason (and I certainly hope that it is coming from a Divine place), I cannot shake the feeling that this is our last truly 'free (almost) election' if Obama gets reelected. The fix is in, including the current efforts by the AG to stop checks & balances - like voter ID- that will prevent further voter fraud. We won't have another chance in four years - it will be to late. The lightening speed with which our country has spiraled downward since the 2008 economic collapse is astounding - and diabolical. In a past life, I had no interest in, or awareness of, politics. Now I cannot avoid seeing what I see as much as I wish I could! It has become frightfully clear to me. Thanks for the forum here!

Lynne said...

Unfortunately, if Romney wins the GOP nomination and is elected president, there is no reason to believe that he will appoint good justices to the Supreme Court.

“Governor Mitt Romney, who touts his conservative credentials to out-of-state Republicans, has passed over GOP lawyers for three-quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he has faced, instead tapping registered Democrats or independents -- including two gay lawyers who have supported expanded same-sex rights, a Globe review of the nominations has found. Of the 36 people Romney named to be judges or clerk magistrates, 23 are either registered Democrats or unenrolled voters who have made multiple contributions to Democratic politicians or who voted in Democratic primaries, state and local records show. In all, he has nominated nine registered Republicans, 13 unenrolled voters, and 14 registered Democrats.”
- Boston Globe 7/25/2005

Despite his rhetoric about judicial activism, Romney announced that he won’t fill all the remaining vacancies during his term – but instead leave them for his liberal Democrat successor!
Governor Mitt Romney pledged yesterday not to make a flurry of lame-duck judicial appointments in the final days of his administration . . . David Yas, editor of Lawyers Weekly, said Romney is "bucking tradition" by resisting the urge to fill all remaining judgeships. "It is a tradition for governors to use that power to appoint judges aggressively in the waning moments of their administration," Yas said. He added that Romney has been criticized for failing to make judicial appointments. "The legal community has consistently criticized him for not filling open seats quickly enough and being a little too painstaking in the process and being dismissive of the input of the Judicial Nominating Commission," Yas said.
- Boston Globe 11/2/2006

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Carol said...

You said it girl. His appointments were a disaster.

We better do a lot of praying during Lent.