Friday, March 16, 2012

I Can Feel It Coming in the Air

Did you read the news yesterday that Obama's 'peace talks' with the Taliban included the offer of an office in Qatar?


Well, I suppose when we withdraw the troops, the Taliban won't have to drive too far to mow the people down. They can just set up snipers.

The masses have elected a lunatic. And, that is not even the worst part...they can't see he is a lunatic.

Karzai is now telling Americans to stop night-time air raids and told NATO to get out of town. It's all blowing up.

There is something cooking and we all know what it is.

Glen Beck even knows what it is. Note Fr. Z's last comment - something is brewing. Fr. Rutler and other priests and prophets are alerting us to what is in the air.

If Barack Hussein and the maroons who were sucked into idolizing him were born at the turn of the century, the devil would have been successful with the third reich. He is back. to finish the job he started.

Stay alert, because the temptations are going to come at times and places when you are the least prepared. Weak, hungry, wanting, your defenses down. The hand that will offer you temptation are people whom you trust, love. It doesn't look sinister when it beckons - it was Peter tempted Christ to reject the cross. Good, loving, well-meaning people are used.

If you are conscience and guarding your own soul, you're in the best place you can be. But sometimes, even when we are there, we loose our footing and fall - and from that vantage point - we tempt others. When that happens, it's much more difficult to guard our own souls because we are further away from the gifts that come with sanctifying grace.

There is a window of opportunity before our senses and intellect fall into a deep slumber. If you are conscious enough to recognize that you are tempting others - pray for humility.

I'm going to continue thought on this tomorrow. And, I'm going to elaborate on a specific example. It is not a very encouraging one, but a familiar one: we have met the enemy and it is us! A temptation offered by the Vicar General of Boston.

Before I dissect it, take ten minutes and listen to Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the manifestations of the devil - part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

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Caroline said...

I can feel it in the air too, Carol.

It's been a long time coming.
Thanks for the Fulton Sheen videos.
A friend loaned me a very interesting book that is speaking to the issues we see unfolding right before us:

The Secrets, Chastisement,and Triumph
Of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary
And What Heaven is Calling Us to Do

---Kelly Bowring

Putting on my armor (and helping others to put on theirs)
Happy St Patrick's Day!

Keeping you in prayer.+