Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Wild Irish Rose


Left-footer said...

Ah! The great Count McCormack!

Thank you, and God bless!

Jack O'Malley said...

Go raibh maith agat mar geall ar sin, Carol. (Thanks for that Carol.) A bit of Irish (my very little bit) for St. Patrick's Day for that Welsh fellow that brought the Faith to Erin and drove the snakes from the Isle of Saints and Scholars, though those selfsame snakes have now infested the Boston chancery a myriad of leagues away.

BTW, don't you think that Seán of the Dark Brown Robe ought to show up at social occasions dressed in a clerical suit and Roman collar? Doesn't Charlie Chaput do that as a matter of custom? What's wrong with Pat O'Malley?. It's not like the pigeons at Castle Island are lighting on his shoulders or Brother Sun at the L Street Bath House is illumining his hoary beard and graying pate. Much as I objected to Bernie Law, the guy knew how to dress in public.

To return to our sheep, I have listened to John McCormack many a time on youtube and recalled with nostalgia the 78 rpm records that my father had. They were the thick bakelite (some were single sided, but what were they made of?) disks that scratched easily and broke even easier. We played them on an old Victrola-type player and they were barely listenable because of the scratches. But the clarity of the great McCormack still came through.

A belated blessing of St. Patrick to you and your family.

I tobie, Left Footer, mój przyjacielu w Polsce, życzę tobie wszystkiego dobrego z okazji święta Świętego Patryka. (Przepraszam że źle napisałem po polsku). (And to you, Left footer, my friend in Poland, I wish you all the best on the feast of St. Patrick. (Sorry that I have written poorly in Polish).

Jack O'Malley said...

Also, y'all should go to youtube and type in 'orthodox celts' and listen to them.

These blokes are Serbs who sing Irish songs in the Saxon language. A delight for the ears!

I love them! Here is one to get you blighters started.