Sunday, March 11, 2012

Problematic Boston Priest, Fr. Paul Garrity Sponsoring Jesuit Lecturer Who Opposes Catholic Conscience Protections

Boston Catholics concerned about priests with a history of maligning Church teaching who report these incidents to Cardinal O'Malley for his intervention, have a double header in Boston on March 26th at St. Catherine of Siena parish in Norwood, Mass.

Monsignor Paul Garrity (who has a long history of maligning Church teaching) is sponsoring a Boston College Jesuit who opposes Catholic conscience protections. Fr. Thomas Massaro has been invited to St. Catherine's speak about conscience protections and how to vote in 2012.

Fr. Garrity is caricatured by chancery luminaries as a 'friend' of the Cardinal. Essentially, this means these priests are not to be disciplined for their scandals. Rather, they are rewarded and awarded.

While we all know how the good old boy dynamic panned out for them, the more things change, the more they stay the same. In this case, it has entrenched itself.

Massaro teaches moral theology to students at Boston College by telling them they should exclude the guidance and moral teaching of the Catholic Church, make up and live by their own set of values. He was one of the 26 signatories to sign a public letter supporting the nomination of friend of the eugenics of infants Kathleen Sebelius. The leading sponsor of the assault on the Roman Catholic Church. He is into class warfare, anarchy and of course encourages and supports the "Occupy" movement. Massaro gives the thumbs up to indoctrinating children as young as kindergarten into immorality, gender confusion and homoeroticism.

In short, he fits the profile of the 'friends of the Cardinal'. Perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that Massaro was selected to be the keynote speaker for the Cardinal's Peace and Justice Conference last year.

Across town, another of Cardinal O'Malley's 'friends', Fr. Unni is sponsoring a lecture on the theology of sacramental grace. Fr. Unni is bringing in a speaker to teach sacramental grace comes from sex. A conversation between Karl Rahner and Lady Gaga. When you're teaching your flock about grace, who needs the Catechism when you can bring in a woman who invents a conversation between a reprobate and a slut. Do you suppose the next series is a conversation between Walter Cuenin and Heidi Fleiss? The lecture is being given by Mary Ann Hinsdale. Google it. There's a description of her credentials on page 7. Her expertise is women-shaping, theology comes from the people. Let's give the devil her due - these women have done a fantastic job shaping sissies out of priests and bishops.

I have never been able to figure out whether the Cardinal is really this stupid, or he thinks we are. At the end of the day, what difference does it really make?

He is accountable for things like this. He has the keen ability to publish exactly the right kind of publicity statement pass the muster of the Romans, while submarining Catholic teaching and the sovereignty of religious freedom in the execution of them. He only stops it when the scandal gets big enough to potentially expose the agenda he is actually carrying out here in Boston. Most of the time, he conceals, protects, rewards priests who help him carry it out - and threatens and intimidates priests and lay people who try to expose it. He is definitely not on the team. Every good faith hands-on Boston Catholic dismissed his dog and pony show years ago and is praying for the day when he gets another assignment.

God only knows what will be left by the time Rome has the fortitude to do something about it. They are keenly aware that there is a wrecking ball going 24/7 to three centuries of hard work in the vineyard in Boston. In the meantime, all we can do is continue to expose it, and pray. There is no worse enemy than the enemy within.

All the science of the Saints
is included in these two things:
To do, and to suffer.
And whoever had done these two things best
has made himself most saintly.
-Saint Francis de Sales


Maria said...

"Father Walsh SJ was asked to meet Pope Pius XI in a private audience. It was in the evening, just the two, Father Walsh reporting on the success of the relief mission and the Holy Father grateful for the services of this dedicated priest and religious. As the conversation went on they began to comment, Pope and Jesuit, on the trials through which the Church was then passing: communism, opposition in Mexico, the rising of persecution in Spain. The picture was a bleak one and prospects for the Church not encouraging. Finally, the Holy Father interrupted the conversation and asked a question. "Tell me, Father Walsh, "who have been the worst persecutors of the Church, tell me?" Father Walsh knew the Pope wanted to answer his own question, so he didn't answer. The Pope said, "The Church's worst persecutors have been her own unfaithful bishops, priests and religious." He went on, "Opposition from the outside is terrible; it gives us many martyrs. But the Church's worst enemy is her own traitors."
--John Hardon SJ

This was back in the 192o's. They are still at it. is anyone else feeling, well, kind of tired ;)

Anonymous said...

Something you can add to your list of "spurious" Lenten reflections at area parishes. This was in Sunday's bulletin at St. Cecelia's, Boston:

Lenten Speaker This Thursday Evening

The Saint Cecilia Parish Rainbow Ministry is hosting the second of three Lenten Evenings of Reflection this Thursday, March 15 at seven o'clock. This week's speaker is Sr. Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM, Ph.D., and her topic is "The Grace of Being Gay?: A Conversation Between Karl Rahner and Lady Gaga." There will be a reception following the event. Come for Evening Prayer at six-thirty and stay for what promises to be a very interesting and informative

Carol said...

Maria, great quote from Fr. Hardon.

anon - Thanks I incorporated Unni's tragic malpractice and abuse into the post.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Until Imalley is out things will not change. He views are aligned with the people he puts around him.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Until Imalley is out things will not change. He views are aligned with the people he puts around him.