Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SCOTUS Hearings on The Mandate

Today's accounts of the Supreme Court Justice chatter indicate the court is not ready to unleash the power of the government mandate what the citizens will purchase.

Some good highlight at Reuters and the chatter about how killing the mandate affects the law in its entirety HERE.

The Solictor General was out-lawyered by Paul Clement.

Good times:

God is good. We like stuttering, stammering from opposing counsel.

This is all dangerous territory and the implications in the future would be catastrophic to the entire foundation of the government the people have built. It is coming down to one or two people will decide whether 250 years of building the government will be seized and handed over to a communist tyranny.

I wonder what killing the mandate will do to Mr. EtchaSketch's Socialized Medicine here in Massachusetts?

I wonder too what Obama's oppressive regime will do. They are huddling in the bunker, stumped.

We've got a lot of praying to do for those justices until the decision comes out in June.

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