Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Are What You Do/Say/Think

This reflection is so where I'm going.

But starting today, starting right now, we can begin to paper over the weaknesses, the embarrassing trivia of our lives, with memories that will stand up to Christ’s scrutiny.

We can give freely of ourselves to friends and strangers. We can smile at small children and at the homeless man on the street. We can say “I love you” whenever possible. We can murmur prayers, sweet ejaculations of praise, as we go about our day. In time, we will find those prayers on our lips as we open our eyes to the morning sun; and it is then that they will be imprinted on our neural pathways, etched in myelin.

And when the day comes—when our life on this earth is over and when at last we rest in the arms of the Father—we will have a great blanket of love to cover over the offenses and shortcomings. We will still blush, as any imperfect thing blushes in the presence of great purity and light. But we will hold up our gift of love, grateful to have something to offer—glad to have, in our lives, magnified the meager talents we were given.

Choose to be happy. The anarchy, moral chaos, wars brewing, persecutions - can siphon your energy and happiness, if you let it. The devil is prowling waiting to sift us all like wheat. It will be tough to watch. The spiritual abuses call for righteous anger. Righteous anger inspires us to take actions - because we are our brothers/sisters keeper. The discernment process on what to say, when to say it and to whom, when to be silent -- takes tremendous discipline and a state of grace. Keep on your toes least we trip and fall. When we do trip and fall, start over. Every hour if necessary. Watch your back. Test everything. Listen to your intuition. Keep on your toes. If someone or something is leading you into temptation and away from sanctifying grace, witness. If they can't hear it and you can hear the big sucking sound - mosey on down the road. Keep them in your prayers.

As low as the world sinks from the weight of sin, there is an equal force lifting up. Ride the right wave baby!

Your Will above all else
my purpose remains
The art of losing myself
in bringing you praise
Everlasting, Your Light will shine when all else fades
Neverending. Your glory goes beyond all fame
In my heart and my soul, I give you control
Consume me from the inside out, Lord
Let justice and praise become my embrace
to love You from the inside out.

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