Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boston Archdiocese Finally Puts an End to East Boston "Vigil" at Lady of Mount Carmel Church

The poor souls sitting in an empty building whilst Christ's Body and Blood is beating in the Sanctuary a mile down the street have been pastorally and spiritually cared for after 7 long years of abandonment.

“We understand that those who have opposed the closing of Our Lady of Mount Carmel desired a different outcome,’’ the archdiocese said in a statement. “For the better part of seven years we have permitted the vigil while the petitioners pursued various appeals. The time for this vigil to end has come. We pray that they will choose to join an open and welcoming parish to experience the fullness of their faith through parish life.’’


It must have been an oversight the spokesperson failed to mention the most important outcome: moseying on back to valid Catholic Sacraments and The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.

Anyhoo - I certainly hope changing the locks and escorting out squatters is a trend. If we are going to let people squat in our empty buildings, I'd rather see them warehouse and care homeless people.

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