Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marine Who Criticized Obama on Facebook Discharged

As a Catholic who believes Obama is dangerously close to transitioning this country from a republic to oppressive dictatorship, I am sensitive to the freedoms being trampled under this administration - but I must say I agree with this.

The Marines acted after saying Stein stated March 1 on a Facebook page used by Marine meteorologists, "Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him." Stein later clarified that statement, saying he would not follow unlawful orders.

Brig. Gen. Daniel Yoo, the commanding general of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, said in a brief statement Wednesday that evidence supported an administrative board's recommendation to discharge Stein.

Tom Umberg, a former Army colonel and military prosecutor, said Stein persisted even after being warned.

"Screw Obama" I'd even say I'm with him on his first amendment rights up until this point. But to join the military and then say in a public forum that you are not going to follow his orders? We've got a problem son. No can do. If you join, you've got to execute his orders as commander in chief.

Conservative Catholics have to think long and hard giving counsel to their children about serving in the armed forces under a President who does not respect life, the sovereignty of America, religious freedom, people with white skin and whom we suspect (and now know) will issues orders we cannot and should not in good conscience follow.

You have to think long and hard long before joining any branch of our military under a President whose empathy lies with the Taliban. If one has the slightest suspicion that they will have trouble carrying out orders under President who treats our military protecting the sovereignty of America dishonorably, one cannot and should not join in the first place. That's how you protect yourself from carrying out his mad orders.

It's a crucible for a young man who wants to serve his country or wants a career in police or fire departments. But at the end of the day, you can't serve your country if you have to carry out orders you know puts you at odds with your God. If Obama gets in a second term, there is going to be a full-blown assault on the United States led by its own President. Any Catholic parent who has a son thinking about the service should prayerfully discern what is happening to our country and what kind of candid conversations to have long before they sign up to carry out his orders.

I feel sorry for this young man because he joined long before America elected the Jackass and put the Horribles in the White House. But it is what it is and you have to see it through until you can get out voluntarily, giving honor and integrity to the forces that have protected our country since 1776.

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