Monday, April 16, 2012

The Next Pope...

Throughout the course of history, the Catholic Church has been very proactive in the sound business practice of succession planning.

None of us have a crystal ball and there are always surprises, but Vatican super sleuths detect a familiar pattern emerging with Cardinal Burke.

May God grant good health and a long and happy life to Pope Benedict.

In God's time and season, a lot of us would be doing cartwheels if his successor were Cardinal Burke.


Percy said...

Buckets of wishful thinking here. One way to test the probability of this is to consider how many of Cdl Burke's fellow cardinals follow his lead: relatively few, in fact remarkably so. But Mr Voris is likely to be a victim of selection and confirmation bias in his discussions on this point.

The perception that the USA is where the Catholic church is most pre-occupied is a conceit of the narcissism of US media (non-Catholic and Catholic). The Holy See is far more involved with China than the USA, but under the US media's radar (the preferred way that Rome is deeply involved).

The last time a native pope from a hegemonic power was elected was during the Babylonian Captivity - hence, the Sacred College is extraordinarily wary of repeating that mistake ever again. An American pope might be conceivable if the USA were to break up, but not before then (even with decline, the USA's demographic and natural resources assure that it will long remain a hegemonic power, even if no longer the an unrivaled power - in this regard, the USA is more like China than the UK - China, even when weak a century ago, was never to be ignored).

Anacanasanafran said...

Cardinal Burke disputed that NYC is rightly called a Neo-Sodom. And you would be excited about him as Papabile?

Not me.

By the way, here is a real offensive story for you to cover:

God help us all!

Carol said...

Percy - the idea that the inactions and ineptitude of this generation of weak, spineless and unfaithful bishops would used as a litmus test against Cardinal Burke is preposterous to me!

There's a reason why the foibles of benedict arnold were never written into a code of conduct of the military!


Anawhatchacallits - I'm not a fan of vulgar characterizations that reflect malice against the sinners. I don't think Cardinal Burke would ever associate himself with that kind of despair. To me, this is precisely what makes him a fantastic successor to the Chair of Peter.