Thursday, May 17, 2012

Autopsy Confirms Trayvon Martin Was Strung Out on Drugs The Night He Assaulted Zimmerman

When Zimmerman called the police, he described Trayvon Martin as looking as though he was strung out on drugs. Martin's just-released autopsy confirms, he indeed was under the influence of drugs. The autopsy also confirms that Martin had injuries to his hands that would be consistent with striking Zimmerman with enough force to break his nose.

I am blown away by the pictures of Zimmerman's injuries to his head. The now released police reports state the eye-witnesses backed up Zimmerman's account. We now learn that Zimmerman can be heard 14 times yelling for help on police tapes and that Trayvon Martin's father agreed that it was not his son's voice.

This Fox news story also points out the glaring omission in the mainstream media coverage. There were no injuries to Zimmerman's hands. Furthermore, there are no bruises to Martin's body.

Folks, this is bad. Obama's Justice Department is teeing this man up for the death penalty. This is a human rights issue based upon the color of this man's skin.

Obama's vigilantes and the government's malicious prosecution of the victim of a drugged up thief prowling a neighborhood, looking into windows is a harbinger of what is to is left of truth, justice and human rights for anyone whose DNA carries even the slightest hint of white skin.

Now that I see this whole picture, I am absolutely convinced that Barack Obama is a madman. If he gets re-elected, the restraint on his agenda of revenge, persecution, false imprisonment and yes - death - will be lifted. I'm no longer convinced that it 's going to be a dry martyrdom. They're going to kill us.

It would be absolutely irresponsible, and collaboration in Obama's subsequent acts of murder and mayhem, not to evangelize anyone but Obama in 2012.

Anyone but Obama in 2012.


Maria said...

Free press? Free country. Not so much. Welcome to the totalitarian state, courtesy of Obama. Unbelievable. " It is remarkable that when the authority of God is obscured or denied, mankind falls back rapidly upon a totalitarianism that runs roughshod over the claims of individual conscience".

--The Catholic Catechism by John Hardon SJ

Mob rule, by thugs. Fasten your seat belts. This is just the beginning...

StevenD-Jasper said...

The MSM are the worst bunch of whores in the Universe. These are bad people; Briana Williams, Donald Sawyer and Barbara Scheifer

Carol said...

Truly disturbing.