Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If You are Looking for Cardinal O'Malley, He is Out Cutting Grass

By the way, with faithful and concerned Catholics filing litigation to see if we can circumvent the totalitarian government of Fr. Bryan Hehir in their attempts to thwart us from practicing our religion while serving mankind, trying to defend life and liberty after death threats at a parish in Acushnet for teaching our own religion on our own property (more on this later), Victoria Kennedy speaking at the commencement ceremony at BC Law, if you are looking for the Chairman of the USCCB Prolife Committee, Cardinal O'Malley, he is out cutting the grass in Mattapan.

That is all.

Where's Waldo hat tip to Joe D.


Anonymous said...

Crickets chirpping...


Carol said...

There is no greater skill than knowing how to zoom in on and manage the important things going on around you.

Saints preserve us.

Maria said...

Carol: I laughed so hard I spit coffee out of my mouth just now. You out did yourself on this one, Sista!

I think that the Bishops must get in course in, well, "Cardinal school" on how to deflect attention away from the dereliction of their duties.

Cardinal Dolan had photos up of himself viz his interview w/ Matt Lauer while the Sebelius scandal burned. Wuerl of course was quiet as a mouse. A MOUSE.

Am I the only one who feels, some days, that some of our 'leaders' have simply lost their minds? One thing is for sure: they do nothing, but nothing, for my own mental health.


Every day, I understand better and better, why Hardon said: "only heroic Catholics will survive".

PS--Ever notice that it is always the poor. It is just NEVER, but NEVER about the state of ANYONE's soul, anymore.

OK . I am done now ;)

Maria said...

I think that the Carinals must get a course in, well, "Cardinal school" on how to deflect attention away from the dereliction of their duties.

PS Carinal Dolan and O'Malley are starting to take on very similar characterisitcs.

Jack O'Malley said...

Cahdnil O'Malley, he no cut no grass mon. He be smokin' da grass. What you tink when he say he be weedin' da lawn?

Jah help us. I gonna go play me some Bob Marley cds now.

Carol said...

Maria, I am glad you enjoyed it. I bet you thought I was exaggerating? LOL.

But Heavens no, Cardinal Dolan is nothing like Cardinal O'Malley. I've seen some headscratchers from Cardinal Dolan (no doubt they come nowhere near my own!) but his leadership on this has been courageous and powerful. If you remember, Cardinal O'Malley ushered in Obamacare at Catholic hospitals with open arms. He made contracts with the Commonwealth to hire people to kill other people. When catechized Catholics pointed out the ethical problems he claimed he didn't see, he called us people doing a disservice to Christ's Church.

Jack, when Christ says feed my sheep in Scripture, it evidently means grab your weedwhacker to some.

One only wishes one had a tomato.

Maria said...

Carol: My own sins notwithstanding--thank you for reminding me--Cardinal Dolan was COMPLETELY SILENT on the Sebelius scandal. It was a head scratcher, for sure; but, I also found it shocking.

Jack: Maybe we all need some weed before going online to read about the Catholic Church these days ;)

Carol said...

From my understanding, Cardinal Dolan has no standing over the craven situatuion under Wuerl. Above Weurl is the Pope. I cant find fault with him on that one. And he is doing a bang up job on Obama's assault.

rubyroad said...

Cardinal Dolan:
YouTube video of the rededication of St. Francis Xavier Church,
It was 2010, but...

Jack O'Malley said...

Maria, you may be right. Or at least a glass of wine. I don't want to do anything illegal. It's all such a disgrace.

Carol, re: weedwhacker -- LOL!